State of the Blog Address

As we enter a new year we are reminded that we just ended the old year, a year that was once the new year but… Well that’s enough sentimentality.

BCF had a good 2016, we set a new record for traffic,  Page Views hit an all time high, an accomplishment for which we are rightly grateful to you – our readers.


We had some hiccups getting the conversion to HTTPS sorted out but it’s all good.  We have been experimenting with various blog plugins to automate our foray into the wider world of social media. We are on Gab, Minds, FB and Twitter for those who care to find us there.

Our success is your success. Your suggestions are valued as all of our readers are regarded as contributors to BCF.

On behalf of Nightmouse, Osumashi, Denyse, Black Mamba, Frau Katze, Breath of the Beast and DB Cooper – Thanks!

And here’s to a great year ahead!