Sexual assaults reported in Berlin despite ‘safety area’ for women

At least 13 cases of sexual assault were reported in Germany’s capital on New Year’s Eve — despite the city’s creation of a “safety area” for women to celebrate the arrival of 2018 near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

Police made seven arrests, according to Fox News and multiple German media reports, but no information was released about the suspects.

A local police spokeswoman told Fox News that police were still gathering information about the night’s reported crimes, but did not disclose more information about the detained people

  • ontario john

    Women are so Islamophobic. Please remember that diversity is our strength.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Did the police arrest the women for their lack of respect for the culture of others?

  • bob e

    I have no idea who could have raped these women ..

    • Editor

      Don’t worry, Police are redacting the field reports, muddying the waters, finding “no common thread” and losing the evidence as we speak. They should have this solved . . . never.

    • J. C.

      It was Hans, Franz, and little Klaus… Guaranteed!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Germany will decriminalize rape this year

    • H

      And the sexual “revolution” will have reached its logical endpoint. Somehow, men seemed to have benefited from it more than women.

  • Literally Hitler

    The report is not specific about where the assaults occurred. If they were in the ‘safe zone’ then obviously there must have been insufficient signage in 27 languages. If they were elsewhere, that is the rapey zone, then who’s fault is that?

    • Linda1000

      What about the bracelets, those colorful anti-rape bracelets were supposed to work?

      • WalterBannon

        those bracelets mark which women are best to rape..

      • They weren’t Wonder Woman bracelets, so …

    • Editor

      “the rapey zone”! First laugh of the New Year! Thanks.

  • Clink9

    Why would people vote to let in bloodthirsty savages then complain about it?

    Sounds like some kind of mental illness.

    • Linda1000

      Why did Canada do the same thing in 2015?

      • Editor

        Because half the 18-24 year old have had their brains turned to postmodernist critical theory mush in Canadian universities?

      • WalterBannon

        see above, same reason

      • Clink9

        If you don’t let them rape, you’re full of hate.

    • WalterBannon

      germans love being raped

      plus they hate themselves and want to all die to make up for having white privilege

      • Editor

        How does this nonsense get so much traction with presumably intelligent people? I mean Germany isn’t at the mud hut stage like some of its new arrivals. They build Airbuses and Porsches for f*ck’s sake. It boggles the mind.

  • Sharkibark

    When they release the names:

  • ontario john

    If they wore bags over their heads they would be ok, because as the Toronto Star points out, wearing a bag over your head is a feminist victory.

  • WalterBannon

    german women enjoy being raped

    rapists from everywhere should all take a rape vacation in germany

  • Gary

    What did she think would happen when you tell muslim males where the women are being contained.
    The parks near me had a great idea to put a 4 foot fence around the play area for the kids safety…… that assume that a father isn’t a closet pedophile looking for boys and is lucky to have a daughter or niece to get INSIDE the fence.

    Anyone can check the Baird Park on Keele street and then use that basic map to find Keele and Annette .
    Why? Because while the NDP was obsessed with a doggy off-leash area in the park …..there is a Correction Canada 1/2 way Centre for convicts that went all the way for their crime. The Centre is for low-risk males from non-violent crimes like drug deals and child sexual predators .
    Yes folks , the pedophiles can stand outside for a smoke and look South east top see the entrance to the park and playground. Not 1 of the MP’s , MPP’s or Councillors for High Park Parkdale cares about this in the last 20 years of protests.
    The area has be Liberals and NDP for about 25 years . What’s worse is the Women Politicians that seem to care about the pedophiles Rights. The MPP’s say it’s a Federal issue, the MP’s tell people to talk to Toronto for Zoning or they mention there hasn’t been any problems yet , the City Councilor does the same dance to blame the province .

    What was odd about this was how the Liberals and NDP didn’t use this the attack Harper . This is why i think there is a really sick plan to make pedophilia a disability from Birth for a sexual preference to then campaign for the Charter Protection as a Minority that would have helped Ben Levin keep producing Kiddie porn and luring in children to his sick world on the internet .
    In 2006 , the Liberal MP lied and claimed her house was fire bombed by a Christian pro-life extremist group. It was pre-Election for Paul Martin where Harper won. But that fire-bombing was on the night of Victoria day fire works where punks aimed a few rockets around and one landed on their roof to smolder in the eves trough.
    That’s when I saw the US style smear tactics now in canada and still being used by Wynne and Justin today. Watch for the islamophobia and White supremacy fears being spewed by Wynne and John Tory that will be the protectors of the Charter Rights .

  • Adam

    Pew just released a report on growth Muslim pop in Europe:

    Different scenarios discussed, but Sweden in always #1. Predicted to be between 21% and 31% Muslim by 2050. Sweden is effectively a Muslim country. It’s baked in. The others aren’t far behind.

  • Fred C Dobbs

    They hunt in packs so 7 women assaulted means at least 30 or 40 perps

  • Dave

    “no information was released about the suspects” nor will it. They don’t want to make the nation killing kraut kunt look any worse. If thats possible.
    The bitch deserves to be hanged, along with juncker.

  • Felicia Scott

    Women in Germany should be defying their Nazi leader Merkel and arm themselves when they go into public areas. Killing and cutting these migrants will start sending the RIGHT message.

  • But … but … safe spaces!