2018: What could possibly go right? Five possibilities.

In my last column, I speculated about things that might go wrong in 2018, ranging from a hacker-inspired collapse of the power grid to a bitcoin depression. I hope I’m wrong about all of it. But in keeping with the optimistic spirit of the New Year, here are some things that might go right in 2018. Let’s hope that I’m not wrong about these.

  • Brett_McS

    Bitcoin depression: There is an early investor who bought bitcoin when it was less than a dollar but he lost his password – his stash would have been worth over a 100 million now. He’s still involved in the business, though.

    Another test of character involved Eric S Raymond (ESR) who is famous in the open source software / Linux world (I’m a Linux geek). He was one of the founders of Red Hat Linux which IPO’d at the highest valuation per share (it started at initially $1) ever recorded. Suddenly, ESR, this humble programmer who eked out a living in the free software field, was worth $300 million dollars. The only thing, the rules are that the shares can’t be cashed out for six months (or 3?) and in that time the valuation went down to almost zero. In Kipling-esque fashion he carried on as before.