Web giants could be hit with major new tax if they fail to help in the fight against terror, minister warns

Web giants that are failing to adequately help the Government to fight terrorism could be hit with a major new tax, a security minister has warned.

Ben Wallace said the Government’s “patience is running out fast” with internet companies who are too slow to act against extremist content.

He struck out at “ruthless profiteers”, who he said were putting money before public safety and would not “get away” with leaving police and law enforcement to repair the damage done by radicalised content.

  • tom_billesley

    It might make sense if the government were making more than a half-assed attempt to fight terrorism themselves.

    • Ed

      Don’t you just love that the Government’s patience is “running out fast.” What about our fucking patience? Our own government here in Canada can’t even run a payroll properly.

  • richard

    First, define “extremist content.” Heaven help anyone who states their views about our government and fearless leader. Is that, “extreme”?

    • Editor

      This, this, a thousand times this. But sadly, I think it is deliberately left vague and undefined to keep the door open to the second part of your comment.

  • Gary

    It’s not only how they are acting like islamophiles but they now censor photo’s and Comments out of fear for Jihad attacks on them where it forces them to do the Censoring because islam is a religion of peace.

    These weasels are now like Switzerland that was neutral in WW2 but allowed some Nazi’s to hide their Gold or wealth in Numbered accounts until after the war.
    These morons must think that they will be spared under Sharia once the islamists win .

  • Mark Matis

    And by “terror” they mean anyone who dares stand against their One World Government utopia. Davos and the Bilderbergs forever!

    And the Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.