Trump didn’t “break” those celebs. They were being sold “as is” before he entered the shop.

From Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto:



Here’s an abridged version of the famed rapper’s media push for his new album, “Revival”

“Please pay attention to me, Mr. Trump.”

Eminem, once a dangerous voice in pop music, echoed virtually every entertainer this year with his multiple Trump rants. The saddest part? He’s repeatedly begging President Trump to respond.

The year’s biggest shock is that the president did no such thing. Or, at least not yet. That left a former superstar shaking his fist in the air … just like every other celebrity. Sad.More.

Reality check: Trump realized that the people who would ever consider voting for him did not take their cues from the celebs. If he just refused to placate the celebs, they would melt down, blow up, and maybe blow away.

What some of the rest of us would like to know, however, is: Why did so many conservative, traditionalist candidates not see that? Who is Eminem that the world or Trump or anybody especially needs to hear from him? If he isn’t entertaining, he is finished.

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