Swedish police find ‘no direct links’ after Malmo’s 4th gang rape in 2 months

The attacks come as activists started nightly street patrols to reassure the community. Police said they do not yet see any apparent link between the appalling attacks, amid the ongoing investigations.

If the police are correct, the problem is magnitudes worse than anyone has admitted.

  • H

    How bad can things get? Well, just look at Pakistan, or Egypt or pretty much any muslim majority country: even if women dress in bags and stay in all the time, they’re not really safe.

  • Look at what the progressive Swedes have done the their country.

    In about one generation progressive loons have nearly destroyed the foundation of Indigenous Swedish population group.

    Get ready for Sweden’s coming civil war.

    • HA!

      You said Sweden and civil war in the same sentence.

      That amuses me.

  • LKurc

    Clearly Swedish brains have been turned to mush. I always thought the Swedes were boring but I never thought they were this dumb. After all they did give the world Ikea and some nice cars.

  • Exile1981

    The common link is Islam. All the attackers are followers of this ideology. They believe unprotected women are free for the taking.

  • Jay Harper

    More useless that the monumentally useless British Police.