Muslim Caregiver Refuses to Buy Elderly Woman Christmas Ham Due to ‘Religious Reasons’

A Muslim caregiver in Sweden has caused controversy after she refused to purchase a Christmas ham for one of her company’s clients, saying that it violated her religious beliefs.

The case was brought before the local government council in the Swedish city of Trollhättan, where it was claimed that the elderly woman had been wronged after the Muslim caregiver had refused to buy certain food items she had been paid to pick up.

  • Literally Hitler

    Off with her head!

  • k2

    In that case the lady should tell the muslima’s employer that she cannot pay them for said employee’s services as it goes against her religious beliefs.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Muslim caregiver” — isn’t that a oxymoron?

    • chayisun

      You beat me to it!

  • chayisun

    Step one: DO NOT HIRE A MUSLIM TO DO ANYTHING. Beheading things like chickens, goats or the odd person they are good at. Extremely good at. But shopping for a ham apparently not. If the elderly lady had asked this muslim caregiver….is that an oxymoron?……to get her anything it should have been a one way bus ticket for the “caregiver” to go back to whatever toilet bowl country she came from.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is the Sweden Sweden wants to be. She should be happy she wasn’t beaten to death and thrown out the window in an explosion of multicultural joy. Perhaps next year.

  • Blacksmith

    Caregiver my ass. They should never be allowed to be in such a position, they have shown their lack of regard for anyone not of the correct flavor of pisslam.

  • HamOPhobia

    Hmm, as far as I know, her religious belief in not buying the ham has nothing to do with the issue. She’s not going to eat the ham, therefore it is not against Islam. This is a simple case of stating your power due to the political climate, and she should lose her job immediately. It is a very simple task that she could not comply to. Hence – she is bad at her job, with the excuse to mix in her beliefs into the whole ordeal.

    Just fire her.

  • moraywatson

    To know who rules over you look to those who will not buy you a ham. My, my, but aren’t the totalitarian supremacists of islam such petty creatures.

  • simus1

    The unfortunate senior is burdened with an islamic exremist since Mo ordered his followers not to “consume” pork. The muslim would be on more solid ground if she had bought the haram item as requested and then refused to “prepare” it.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That senior is Islamophobic for not adjusting to Muslim traditions!

  • It’s not like SHE has to eat the ham.