Muslim bigot Mohamed Elmouelhy says all bigots are white Australians

Islamic businessman who joked Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them now says ALL bigots are white

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    This is the same rentseeking freak that would blow a gasket if anyone said all terrorists are Muslims.
    We in the west really need to loosen up what it takes to deport immigrants and up to third generation offspring, and do so much more quickly.

    • Gary

      The Toronto-18 muslims terrorists were Born here as the 1st generations and wanted to kill us by the thousands .

      • Canadian Born

        I bet Junior had them released? He says all whites are bigots, I say all terrorists are Muslim. You only hear whites are terrorists, when it suits the media. Canada is screwed.

  • Gary

    Right , and while Whites are a Minority on Earth…. the 2 billion muslims have a Holy book that orders them to Convert or KILL the current 5,000,000,000 + plus filthy unbelievers.

    But muslims are bigots and racists even when islam nations still sanction slavery .

  • Ed

    Our liberal elites are setting the foundations of fascism. The problem with fascism is that it breaks a lot of eggs making the omelette, but when the future takes on an existential threat, people will support it. That Davos crowd just assumes their populations are cattle to be herded. Watch out.

  • ontario john

    At least Australia’s prime minister didn’t trash talk his country as part of his New Year’s message, like feminist Trudeau. Yes the media is thrilled that little Justin stated as part of his New Year’s message, that Canada has failed whiny indians, and other minority groups, and there is to much hate and prejudice in Canada. Happy New Year from Justin you racist bastards.

    • Canadian Born

      You can’t expect much more from the feminist pansy running Canada, can you?

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I feel so much better getting that kind of recognition from that goof ball.

  • Spatchcocked

    “Feminist pansy”……. right on the money.

    Our country is led by a crybaby pansy who thinks he’s a cultural Che’ Guevara.

    He’s nuts….just like his mother……a total flake……

  • Tooth&Claw

    Izzat so? How much do you love Hasidim Mo?

  • DMB