Mass Migration: Uninvited Guests

In our desire to insure an inclusive, humane, and tolerant society, we seem to have constructed a simplistic and inadequate picture of refugees and illegal immigrants.

Perhaps the majority of Americans and Canadians do not approach the question of refugees and immigrants with an open mind, but with a set of “progressive” assumptions

  • Ed

    The racism among open borders crusaders is obvious. The idea that “they” need to come here because it’s better here reveals their belief that “they” are incapable of staying put and making their own backyard better.

    • Hard Little Machine

      To me it’s a local issue. If rich liberal Malibu wants a tide of illegal Mexicans then send them to Malibu.

    • Dana Garcia

      Totally correct: liberals believe little brown people must be rescued by the superior first world via immigration.

      • tom_billesley

        They want pets. Pets with votes.

    • Canadian Born

      They have to have IQs to be able to build their countries, and I think those people lack that. Now where do they come? They come to Canada, to live off the taxpayers. So where is our moron of a PM’s IQ, it must be near 0.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        It has to be at least 10; he walks, talks, and shits.

  • Malcolm Y

    Who said “our desire to insure an inclusive, humane, and tolerant society?” I don’t have such a desire in regards to aliens – “blacks”, “browns”, hispanics, orientals, dot-heads, mohammedans etc. They all have huge pieces of the globe under their control so why would they want to leave. Keep them all out except for some very, very, very, very good reason that will profit real Americans.

  • tom_billesley

    The assumption is that all migrants are the same, and that they’ll behave just like the ones from Europe that arrived in the19th and early 20th century. Any suggestion that they are different will not be tolerated.