Has Terror Wrecked New Year’s Eve?

Unprecedented security measures will be undertaken in New York City to protect the festivities on New Year’s Eve when close to a million revelers are expected to gather around Time Square to watch the iconic ball drop at midnight.

h/t Marvin

  • Well, that and other things.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s amazing that people subject themselves to such horrific treatment of being herded like cattle and imprisoned for 10-12 hours and that’s supposed to be fun. Good grief, what else will these (mostly young) persons withstand with no complaint?

    And nobody mentions that much of our public life in major cities has been totally screwed up because of muslim immigration.

  • andycanuck

    No, Global Warming is ruining NYE, at least across Ontario.

  • Watchman

    ‘Depends’ and ‘Diversity Bollards’: two things that will make you feel more comfortable on NYE in Times Square.

  • Fred C Dobbs

    Islam brings everything down to its level.

  • QiPo

    Like everything else islam touches, it corrodes, rots, and pushes life to ruin. The singular bloodlust for domination by any and all means means there is zero hope for peace now or in the future. Look how America has changed since 9/11. Freedom is becoming just a memory.