For New Year’s Eve: Coping with displays of Trump Derangement Syndrome in polite company

From Megan Fox at PJ Media:

It’s even more annoying at the grocery store or salon. On two occasions recently I was accosted in a public place by strangers with stupid opinions they wanted everyone to hear. This week it was the salon, where I was minding my own business getting my hair done. A client walked in to wait her turn and began immediately alerting everyone about how thrilled she was that Christmas was finally over. I thought that was strange to begin with — who could object to roaring fires and family and hot chocolate in front of twinkle lights and gifts of generosity and love? This thoroughly unpleasant woman then began scrolling through her phone and loudly spat that there was “another Trump story” she was disgusted with. At this point she looked right at me, a total stranger, and accused, “I hope YOU don’t love Trump!”

As she stood there waiting for my response, the only thing I could think to do to preserve some semblance of peace and holiday spirit was to stare back blankly. More.

Reality check: Fox might wish to consider that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is not really about Trump. It is about the check, possibly long term, to progressive ambitions. Trump achieved a notable success in defeating progressives in November 2016 in a situation where a real Republican would have failed.

Now that the Republicans have somehow been forced to hire a guy who really, actually wanted to win the election instead of signal his virtue, the progressives feel confused and cheated.

Of course they do. Trump was supposed to be gone by now. Given that so many progressives are people of poor character, they react as one might expect, by childish behaviour among strangers in public spaces.

They were supposed to own all the public spaces in the United States. Absolutely. Forever. But for now they don’t.

They still own them in Canada though.

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