Brent Bozell on 2017 as the year in which the media drama was mainly about the media

Which gets boring. From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

More than ever, the media see themselves as valiant tellers of truth. More than ever, thanks to the man to whose destruction they are committed, most Americans peg them as emotionally intense — putting it nicely — leftists.

As the year began, Barack Obama exited the national stage. His ultra-liberal reign ended almost exactly as it began: with weeping over his wonderfulness — literally. Take NBC’s now-disgraced Matt Lauer, who said on Jan. 13: “President Obama surprising his vice president, Joe Biden, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. … So I’m glad there were no cameras in my apartment yesterday ’cause I was sitting there just weeping. I just burst out crying when I saw that moment. It was incredible.” Oh-so-sensitive Lauer was exposed as a crude alleged subordinate-pawing sexual harasser and fired in late November. More.

Reality check: The basic problem is that, whether we think our media betters are good people or bad people, they are not needed people, not the way they once were. Not when we can all go on the internet and read pretty much anything. We need interpreters, yes, but we have the right to choose them for ourselves. Few people are choosing the mainstream media in any expectation of getting centrist opinion.

See also: American media silent on Iran protests because they have lost the ability to cover news.
Never forget that the current purveyors of mainstream media might fancy a role as the virtuous PR for a police state for themselves. Popular revolutions against establishment media are just deplorable.


Media freedom at lowest level in a decade. A number of causes are listed but surely the collapse of mainstream media in North America into mere mouthpieces for politicians has meant that media in less free countries have nothing to aspire to any more. One wonders, will the day come when most of the real news is secret or clandestine, as was the case centuries ago?