Among “raging feminist fails” of 2017: Quebec feminists elect transgender man

From Paul Bois at Daily Wire:

10.) Feminist Group Elects Trans Man As Leader

Only in Trudeau’s progressive utopia of Canada could a trans man be elected to lead one of the country’s leading feminist organizations. This all completely smacks in the face feminists’ idea of “patriarchy.”

In early December, the largest feminist organization in Quebec elected a transgender man, Gabrielle Bouchard, as their new president. The Federation des Femmes du Quebec is basically the Canadian version of America’s NOW, and “represents some 300 feminist groups and about 700 individual members.”More.

Reality check: Feminism arose as a modern movement and is being killed by post-modernism. Modern movements depended on definitions; post-modernism dissolves them. If feminists cannot say that wife-beating is always wrong (that would be cultural appropriation) or that their concerns are for biological women who suffer inequities (that would be transphobia), they have nothing left but the fight for government grants among those who snatch the various pieces. There is no further coherence and none is sought.

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Trump didn’t “break” those celebs. They were being sold “as is” anyway. Trump realized that the people who would ever consider voting for him did not take their cues from the celebs. If he just refused to placate the celebs, they would melt down, blow up, and maybe blow away.