‘We will never fully recover from this loss’: Beloved grandfather, 83, dies after being struck when Afghan refugee ‘mowed down 19 pedestrians’

An 83-year-old grandfather has died in hospital after he was fatally struck during the Flinders St rampage.

Melbourne man Anton Crocaris died from injuries following the horror attack on December 21 which allegedly saw Afghan refugee Saeed Noori deliberately mow down 19 pedestrians in the CBD.

Mr Crocaris was rushed to hospital along with 18 others in a critical condition and tragically lost his fight at 11:30pm on Friday.

This was a terror attack.

  • Cat-astrophe

    White and old.
    Lets move on….

    • It all is really quite simple.

      More Muslims = more jihad.

      (Mowing down people with a car is jihad.)

    • Gary

      Yet meanwhile any alleged vandalism to a Mosque is a major crisis leading the News as a Hate-crime by White Supremacists even with No evidence.

    • Editor

      Yes. Let’s forget the dead Grandfather, his Family and the other 18 dead innocents. We wouldn’t want to trigger the anti-muslim backlash that never actually materializes.

  • Morally worse than the murder of this man and other innocents like him, is the police and government pretense that this was not a Muslim terrorist act. Such false denials are truly criminal.

    • Yes, but they did that after the Sydney attack, as well.

      Until people rise up against this, people had better get used to it.

  • Solo712

    Victoria Police, 22 Dec 2017: “we haven’t found anything at all to indicate his linkage or involvement with any type of extremism with any terrorism organisation or anything of a terrorist nature”. Tell me more; I am so friggin’ stupid that I would believe that it was an accident caused by his medication.