UK: Public will be empowered to challenge lenient terrorist sentences

Anyone who helps terrorists by tipping them off or failing to report them to police will feel “the full force of the law” under new sentencing rules announced by ministers today.

Victims and members of the public will be able to challenge sentences handed out to criminals with terrorist links if they think judges have been too lenient.

The Government believes giving the public the right to demand longer sentences will have a deterrent effect, as well as disrupting plots involving some of the 3,000 suspects currently being monitored in more than 500 operations by MI5 and counter-terrorism police.

  • Uncommunist

    “Anyone who helps terrorists by tipping them off or failing to report them to police will feel “the full force of the law” under new sentencing rules announced by ministers today.” UK Justice Minister.
    Great ! Arrest all politicians and their supporters except UKIP members and their supporters. Don’t forget to arrest yourself Raab.

  • Make any terrorism related crime a capital offense.

    Then try the lenient Judges.

  • Gary

    A bit off topic but my gut tells me that John Tory was tipped off by CSIS and the RCMP about a ISIS inspired terrorism attack Sunday night.

    The Bollards were put around City Hall last week to stop any Vehicle based jihad attack. Now the News is reporting that the News Years event in the Square will be scaled down to a short version starting about 11:30 pm .
    The reason City Hall gave was that it would be very cold .

    Hmmmm. Toronto is very cold in late December ??????
    They have the outdoor Rink where the Fountain is while their Rinks in the park are based on the cold weather. That’s why they shut them down early in March if we have too many days above Zero C .

    Tory needs to give up his Charade about how great Diversity is and that only the peaceful muslims come to canada. City Hall is just blocks away from the Jew-hating mosque and the Dawah booth that hands out books on how to BEAT your wife.
    He’s in Election-Mode as is Wynne but I don’t want to get killed over THEIR values as a Liberal or progressive .
    What hell does Tory think the Natives did 1000 years ago with no electricity …..jump a bus to Miami until April??
    My father grew up in Quebec in the 1930 on farmland when Power was sparse and you had the fireplace and wood stove as Amish still have.

    If the Artists had am issue…. the CBC HQ is just South West of City Hall
    and the bands could use a Studio to play while Large screens show them
    to the crowds with a strong sound system .

    Cold weather my ass because 3 white male homeless men froze to death in January on 2015 and it wasn’t an issue then because Tory has lost of Housing for Syrian refugees while there are still homeless men on sleeping outside in this weather.

    I bet it IS a valid threat by muslims and the Leaders don’t want to ruin the 2018 Election and have Justin wear this ion 2019 for bring in 24,000 jew-hating homophobes with a holy book that wants us DEAD.
    i watched the CBC special with Paul Martin that was about 5 years back. He told the Host that Toronto had a terrorism threat right after the Madrid slaughter by muslims and it was to the TTC subway buy he chose to keep it a secret as not to cause mass panic where people stopped using the subway.
    Martin just told me that he took the risks with out lives which may have been because it’s the low-income people using public transit and immigrants.

    If the threat was to the Granite Cub or Boulovard Club where the rich go… know damn well he would have tipped off his White buddies .

  • Bla Bla

    I believe a simple quote from Top Gun sums the story. The public can demand all they want, but events have shown the elite have no intention in listening to them. They just need to shut up and continue to pay taxes so that more diverse guests can be invited into the country.