Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau’s year-long descent from celebrity selfie-prince to typical politician

2017 was not kind to the PM nor his government. And that last press conference? In Star Wars Yoda-tongue: Ill, it will bode for him.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing the only issues that matter to Canadians, is his hair, looks, and funny socks. And he is so cool letting in all those muslims, and attending every homosexual parade in Canada. Canadians are hopeful that he will stay on until his son is old enough to become prime minister.

    • I hope he has a full parade schedule for this year mapped out.

      • Clink9

        After he “reorders” his thoughts.

    • Clausewitz

      Style over substance gets old real fast.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Rex Murphy, with acerbic wit, sums up the PM and his record for 2017 quite nicely. Well worth the read.

    The last impression many Canadians have of Justin Trudeau in this year
    of Our Lord, 2017, was of him, shock-faced, rattled and babbling
    incoherently for a TV eternity of a minute and a half.

    Take away the selfie opportunities and the platitudes, there is not much to the man. He has been babbling incoherently for all of 2017 and the final press conference only highlighted the deficiencies. There are times when it is clear Junior exhibits the modesty of his father and the emotional stability of his mother. The only thing saving him is the never-ending endorsement by a sycophantic press and a fawning Laurentian consensus elite.

    The PM is a poster boy for the latest hipster sentimentality and his cabinet the model of political correct yet vacuous multicultural deconstructionism. Pray that the competency of the senior public service may be able to steer the ship of state on auto-pilot until saner political masters prevail. Less a trust in the merits of high level technocrats than a faith in a God of miracles who may deign to redeem this fair dominion despite ourselves.

    • The public service unions are in lock step with PM Idiot, expect no salvation from our predator class.

      • Thomas Henderson

        The mandarin class has always been self-selecting and self-serving. Autopilot with fewest number of decisions taken is the best we can hope for.

    • But this apparent for all to see. Who is the bigger moron: Trudeau or the idiot who voted for him?

      • Canadian Born

        It’s a toss up. If we have a moron representing Canada, then we have morons voting for him. Unless these morons leave, Canada is definitely screwed.

        • No one expected the worthless son of former PM (himself an @$$hole) to be any good and he proved that time and time again. However, the left picked up on people who were already stupid and made them more stupid. What really fries is me is that they were allowed to vote.

  • Clink9

    ” This was not quantum mechanics. It was a hot issue for the PMO for all of 2017. Yet there he was in the Commons foyer, having been asked the inevitable question, looking gobsmacked and wounded, stammering like an old outboard motor on the last pint of gas, and stacking up enough non sequiturs and platitudes to fill a Costco warehouse. How bad was he? For that 90 seconds, he made George Bush look like the oratorical son of Martin Luther King Jr. and Margaret Thatcher.”

    Rex is pretty good when he gets going.

  • chayisun

    I’ve decided to say something nice about meathead…..I mean the P.M. as it’s the end of the year………..I’m thinking………..

  • Spatchcocked

    I was hoping he’d burst into tears……with snot bubbles….and arm flapping.

    Hopefully he’ll be totally unglued by the time the bitter fruits of NAFTA are harvested…….THEN we will hopefully see the utterly humiliating public breakdown which will make all clear for the Canadian polity.

    We sold our birthright for Islam marijuana and gay rights.

  • Consider that everyone knew this jack-@$$ was a moron and voted for him anyway.

    Who is more stupid, one might ask?

  • WildWelshWoman
  • Spatchcocked

    The chin of a poet.