Expect America’s Tensions with China and Russia to Rise in 2018

Yesterday’s 2017 review and forecast for 2018 focused on the most urgent challenges the Trump administration faces: the volatile Middle East, international terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Today, we examine the strategic threats posed by China and Russia and one of President Trump’s continuing priorities: preserving and enhancing American sovereignty.

  • ontario john

    Shhhhhhhh!! No one is allowed to say anything negative about China.

    • Clausewitz

      China is screwed. They now carry so much American debt that it is no longer in their best interest for the States to fail. Sneaky buggers those Americans.

  • John Bolton deserves a major foreign policy appointment in the Trump admin.

  • Trump could have a run-around with China by advising all the other Asian nations sans China to form a new alliance and nuclearise.

    Putin is desperate. The upcoming election where he remains top autocrat requires Russian billionaire dollars. This is why Putin has asked them to return.