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‘Buy Only From Muslims’ Is Not Discriminatory in Canada

Unbelievable. A call to “buy only from Muslims” is not discriminatory? Then is anything discriminatory at all? If this isn’t discriminatory, nothing is. But you can imagine the speed with which the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal would rule “discrimination” if Jews said “Buy only from Jews” or Christians said “Buy only from Christians.” But Jews and Christians wouldn’t do that, and when Muslims do, they get the full support of the Canadian government. Trudeau is racing Canada down the path to total submission.

‘Sensitivity Readers’ Are the New Thought Police, And They Threaten More Than Novelists

Welcome to the 21st century and “sensitivity readers,” people hired by writers and publishers, especially of young-adult titles, to vet manuscripts to make sure things are, well, politically correct, “authentic,” and, especially, inoffensive.

Like fact checkers or copy editors, sensitivity readers can provide a quality-control backstop to avoid embarrassing mistakes, but they specialize in the more fraught and subjective realm of guarding against potentially offensive portrayals of minority groups, in everything from picture books to science fiction and fantasy novels.

Surrey RCMP says growing number of asylum seekers illegally crossing border

Surrey RCMP is reporting an increase in people illegally crossing the border at 0 Avenue seeking asylum in Canada.

Cpl. Scotty Schumann said police were called as recently as Dec. 22 to a report of a man seeking refugee status after making the crossing.

Malmo police: refugee crime wave is out of control

Much of the violence originates in the city’s Rosengard district, which has been labeled the “most notorious refugee ghetto” in Sweden. Over 80 percent of Rosengard’s residents are migrants and less than 40 percent of the district’s residents have jobs.

In an open letter, a desperate Sinteus wrote: “I can assure you that the police in Malmo are doing everything we can for suspected perpetrators to be held accountable. But we cannot do it on our own. We depend on you, and your witness statements, to solve these violent crimes. Therefore I appeal now to you: Help us.”

Year in Review: Test your knowledge of Canadian politics in 2017

How closely have you followed the happenings on Parliament Hill this year?

Do you know your Singhs from your Scheers? Your Aga Khans from your asylum seekers? Take our 2017 Parliamentary news quiz!