Why Are Accused Sexual Harassers Overwhelmingly on the Left?

Unless you have been residing on the rogue planet Nibiru for the past few weeks (the news has surely reached Mars by now), you’re aware of the sudden explosion of accusations of sexual harassment against an array of public figures.

The term “harassment” requires some definition: In the current atmosphere of hysteria, it would seem to include any attempt to approach a member of the opposite sex that is not immediately accepted. Nonetheless, many of the accusations are quite serious, true examples of predatory appetites unrestrained by any sort of moral standard. It should be noted that, in many ways, this is nothing new. The sad story of the abuse of power is one of the oldest in the world, and surely dates from the first time a landlord hired a scullery maid.

  • Brett_McS

    I think it’s a modern form of indulgences, where having the correct opinions exculpates minor sins.

  • Because the right stands for morality and personal responsibility.

    And the left stands for the opposite.

    • Watchman

      If you believe in nothing and there are no consequences for your behaviour after after this life, then it is much easier to believe that life is all about what you can personally wring out of the world around you when you can.

  • Exile1981

    The left believes that because of their beliefs that their weaknesses should be forgiven. Generally the worshipers on the left are willing to accept the behavior of their masters but not any longer.

    The left decided to push the fake rape to a new level thinking it would make it easy to destroy any of their enemies on the right. All they would need would be one accusation and they could demand the enemy was removed from office. They miscalculated, all it took when they pushed it to 11 was one victim of their own misdeeds to come forward and the flood gates were opened. Now all of their victims have decided to come forward and they can no longer count on their sins being forgotten.

    • Watchman

      Unfortunately many Catholics believe that forgiveness allows them to be weak and subsequently be absolved at confession. I think the worldwide child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is a result of the perpetrators being forgiven when they confessed their sins during Confession and afterwards promised not to do it again. Their heinous behaviour was allowed to continue because of the belief that their repentance and unlimited forgiveness for sins in the religion. Some priests wanted no scandal to reflect on the Catholic Church, some priests were directly involved, but I think many just believed the abusing priests could be saved and would stop offending if they prayed hard enough.

      • ECM

        There should be a 3 confessions and you’re condemned to Hell rule, if that is the case.

  • tom_billesley

    Sexual harassers feel at home among manipulators and deceivers.

  • Felix_Culpa

    Because the sexual revolution is embedded in the DNA of the leftist revolution.