Take a Tour of the Red-Hot Center of Chinese Counterfeiting

Beijing’s Silk Road market peddles much more than Louis Vuitton knock-offs, and it’s only the retail arm of China’s vast, billion-dollar counterfeiting empire.

While the tourists wonder at Chinese history—from the boisterous to the cleansed, from the imperial to the Communist—they also consume another Chinese claim to fame: counterfeiting of Western products. China’s consumption of Western intellectual property has been ravenous, as any manufacturer (not just of luxury goods) can tell you. From Louis Vuitton handbags to Apple chargers to Viagra, it is all counterfeited in China. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (and anyone else who hasn’t been living under a rock), China is the number one source of counterfeited goods.

  • ismiselemeas

    That’s why the west will win. The Chinese are incapable of an original thought.

    • It is our advantage.

      • xavier

        Yes but not for lonģ. What we need to sanction the Chinese over this. Like reduce their oil supplies and increase tariffs so they really get the message. Yeah they’ll hack and scream as well as break the sanctions with North Korea and get super super aggressive in the South China sea . But we’ll just assume that any hacking,etc is from China and ratchet up the cold shoulder

    • P_F

      That’s true, but for the fact that greedy corporations & corrupt politicians are & will continue to transfer technology at the detriment of western countries.
      China or any other third world country has NOT invented or created anything meaningful since the dawn of civilization. Whatever THEY are enjoying was discovered/invented/created by much maligned WHITE race. If not for the traitorous politicians & unscrupulous executives they still be living in the 15th century. (The age when Europeans embarked on their discoveries & start interaction with outside world). Modern Medicine & Food production techniques, 2 crucial contributions for current population expansion were possible because of western scientists.

  • Frances

    They also did a really good number on both pet food and baby formula by switching in melamine for wheat gluten to raise the protein levels (also done with rice protein). Fortunately for us (but not for the families of the affected babies), the contaminated formula didn’t make it to North America, but the contaminated wheat gluten and rice protein did. Knew a young vet who – back in 2007 – was one of many struggling to sort out what was suddenly causing kidney failure in her patients. Vets have an on-line forum, and she was one of the first to post pictures from the microscope showing abnormal crystals in the affected patients’ urine. The coming together of the vet community and the sharing of everything they could was instrumental in figuring out the problem.

    • I do not eat or use anything from China.

      • Watchman

        So, you’re an Android mobile phone user using a phone built in Mexico, using no components made in China?

      • Dave

        Nor our pets. Too bad we can’t feed the trudope family nothing but a diet of cheap imported chinese food, seeing as he’s so enamoured with china.

      • canminuteman

        I go out of my way to avoid chinese products as much as I can, but it is almost impossible. If i see food labelled “product of China” I won’t touch it, But how much is actually labelled that way? If you see something that says “Processed in Canada” it’s a code to tell you that it is mostly product of somewhere else with a bit of local input. Retailers/ manufacturers know people don’t want Chinese food products, so they go to great effort to hide the fact. There are variously weaselly statements you will see to hide the fact that the product has origins in China.

        • Blacksmith

          The same here, It is damned hard to avoid it.

    • Watchman

      The funny thing is that it didn’t actually increase protein levels, it just spoofed the test for protein levels to make is look like they were higher. “Protein levels are quantitated on the basis of total nitrogen; since melamine contains nitrogen, its addition faked the higher protein content in food products.” https://labdoor.com/article/melamine-an-in-depth-look-at-the-toxic-chemical-in-our-kitchen

    • xavier

      Yup the Chinese went to Hong Kong buying up the baby formula and other food because they didn’t trust made in China. Of course that pissed off the Hong Konger who suddenly had shortages and high orices.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        That reminds me of the quinoa people.
        Newest food fad of today drives up the price of a staple and starves the people who depend on it.
        Fuckers ate it anyway, even though I told them they were taking food out of other people’s mouths.

        • xavier

          Yeah. Joan Didon wrote a book about Miami
          She had a hilarious chapter where the anglo were besides themselves over chickpeas and some other food until the Cuban exiles pointed out that the food is the staple of the poor throughout Latin America.
          Even back in the 80 the hipster wete virtue signalling

        • Drunk by Noon ✓

          I started eating quinoa a year ago as a potato and wheat substitute. I don’t eat that much of the stuff, but just who am I depriving?
          Quinoa production is at an all-time high in South America and the quinoa farmers are happy. The quinoa eaters have better access, at a higher price, but can also eat other crops that are cheaper than quinoa.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Funny how our pets are canarys in the coalmine.

  • Starlord

    Chinese manufactures of Western goods. What they do is say there is a run for 10,000 items. They run 12,000 and the other 2k end up being sold on the black market.

    Yes there is counterfeits that are bad and others unless you know the product hard to distinguish from the real….

    Then there is the overun’s which are real.

  • simus1

    Chinese culture and philosophy in its broadest application has no real comprehension of intellectual property rights or the rule of law except as they apply to the rulers chastising the ruled. Then there is economic unreality like the mentioned baby formula scandal where dairy farms in China were faced with large price hikes for imported feed needed for their cattle but communist officials who control their selling price for milk refused to allow a raise in prices to keep the farms solvent. Adulteration of the product or bankruptcy were the two choices left after that.

  • Uncommunist

    Communism = zero conscience, morals or ethics.

  • Hktony

    This whole thing is just a currency war disguised by multiple issues. Do you really think if China did not defend itself against the global financial corportatists – dems and reps- the world a better place? You would have a global govt in America and europe with one tax system and one political system benefitting the few rich elites.
    The rot is in western govts who will recreate a feudal system.
    Capitalism works but we don’t have it. Democracy works but in the europe we no longer have it.
    The real middle class and working class are simply fodder for the corporatists. They are the danger. China is pushing back and you all complain china is the issue. China needs free markets!
    Go to sweden and say something about muslims. Do that anywhere in europe and see what happens. And you worry about China. Europe will be the new china but withiut any money because they will all be bankrupted by muzz and controlled by elites.
    So enjoy criticizing china whilst your own govts put you into a hole. I could be wrong.