Syrian Kurds hold top French jihadist Thomas Barnouin

One of France’s most-wanted jihadists, Thomas Barnouin, has been captured by Kurdish YPG rebel fighters in Syria, French media report.

Barnouin, 36, is believed to be linked to a French jihadist cell that included Mohamed Merah, who murdered seven people in the Toulouse area in 2012.

Barnouin was captured about 10 days ago in Hassakeh, north-eastern Syria, with two other French converts to Islam – Romain Garnier and Thomas Collange.

They were with so-called Islamic State.

  • Nermal

    Perhaps they can look after them until their flats and social welfare payments are set up in France. Alternatively a shallow grave might be appropriate

  • simus1

    Bet they have had a lot to say with just a little prompting.

  • QiPo

    Time to dust off and dull up the edge of France’s worst guillotine. Wouldn’t want this exemplary moohamiden to have anything but the best possible halal sentence in keeping with his tradition.