North Korean nuclear scientist deported by China ‘commits suicide in prison hours before interrogation’

A North Korean nuclear scientist deported back to his home country after defecting to China has reportedly committed suicide in his prison cell hours before he was due to be interrogated.

The defector, who is in his 50s, was a lead researcher in the physics centre of the State Academy of Sciences in Pyongyang. He was identified by Radio Free Asia as Hyun Cheol-huh, although it is not known if this was his real name.

  • Chinese scumbag communists show their true colors.

    • The Chinese have been deporting North Korean defectors for ages.

      The scientist and his family would just be sent to a concentration camp anyway.

      Why are we trading with China?

      • k1992

        Why do we sell military equipment to the Saudis? Greed.

  • pike bishop

    Did he know Hillary?

  • Tony Costa

    But remember, Justin Trudeau is impressed with China’s dictatorial government.

  • Blacksmith

    This could be two completely different things. 1 his beating on his incarceration had left him dead, 2 he thought it would be easier than his interrogation.

    • He knows that death waits for him in North Korea. He opted for something quicker.

      It is sad and I put some of the blame of this on the UN.

  • Watchman

    We’ve seen what happens as the penalty for attempting to steal a poster in North Korea: 15 years jail, coma and death [*], can you imagine the long and painful death that you would expect for “stealing state secrets”. Suicide would probably be the shortcut to an inevitable death, and avoiding the pain of torture in the process.