Multiculturalism has failed say Bradford residents

Nine in ten people say Bradford is divided, in a nod to the city’s failed multiculturalism experiment, according to a new poll in a local newspaper.

The eye-opening survey comes as city councillors said “Asian youths” had attacked pubs owned by white business owners in November and more generally intimidated women from visiting the town centre after dark to enjoy the night time economy. The council chamber heard further claims that armed police had been required at a recent Jewish community event amid a “huge increase” in anti-Semitism and that people had been caught “goose-stepping” outside a centre for asylum seekers in Keighley.

A report on the story, appearing in both the Telegraph & Argus and Asian Image, asked readers: ‘Do you think Bradford is a divided district?’ to which a whopping 89 per cent answered ‘yes’ in a poll of almost 2,300 people. Latest census information published in June 2017 revealed that Bradford is home to the largest Pakistani population in England (20.3 per cent) with a quarter of the population (24.7 per cent) identifying as Muslim.

  • Liberal Progressive

    They clearly are a bunch of Islamophobes who just can’t accept that the UK is a Muslim country now.

  • Millie_Woods

    You can’t fool those Bradford people for long, it’s only been 50 years or so since this shit started.

  • Solo712

    ‘Multiculturalism’ is another name for ‘decivilization’.

    • Sekigahara

      A euphenism for implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, basically white genocide

  • Political multiculturalism IS a failure. Jew hatred has no place among normal people. Only a political multiculturalist would think that it does.

    • mobuyus

      Like imam trudeau.

    • Lest you forget it was the Jews who orchestrated all this mass immigration to destroy the White Christians they despise.In Sweden all 7 major papers are Jewish owned and all pushed hard in the 1960’s to change Sweden.Same in U.S. all major newspapers,CBS,NBC,CBS,all the original big 7 major motion picture companies,Time,Newsweek,USNews are Jewish owned.The 1965 Immigration Act which Jews pushed hard on all fronts and was sponsored by Sen Javits and Rep Cueller(both Jews)took America from 90 percent White to barely 50 percent White in my lifetime.The Jews made all this happen.

  • Dana Garcia

    Never forget that Tony Blair’s Labour Party recruited foreigners to immigrate and become voters. Blair should be tried for treason.

    • David

      Interesting to note in 1994 Bliar repealed the death penalty for treason.Obviously knew something then!

  • Hard Little Machine

    They can and will legitimately elect their own sharia compliant local government.

  • tom_billesley

    Where’s Waldo Whitey?

  • Watchman

    So if this is the native Britons feeling that this is no longer the Britain they knew and loved this will be condemned as Racism; if it is a Muslim majority not wanting any kuffar Britons in their area this will be deemed just a cultural quirk by the police and government.

    • Editor

      Tolerance always seems to be a one way street in western countries.