Get a Grip: Trump Derangement Syndrome in Public Is Not Okay!

People who know what I do for a living are usually surprised when they learn that I do not talk about controversial subjects in polite company. Whenever I’m at a party someone will say, “You’re not at all what I expected.” I try not to take it personally. Did they think I was going to hold court, interrogating everyone on their political beliefs and demanding conversions? It always leaves me confused. I was taught from a young age that politics and religion are not topics to be introduced in social situations where you aren’t sure of your audience. My parents were very political but would never have dreamed of inviting people to their home and grilling them about whom they voted for. It was simply not done by anyone with sense who wanted friends.

  • ontario john

    Yes but what about that daily coverage by CNN of Trump golfing. Love the creepy camera coverage through the trees.

  • Linda1000
    • barryjr

      OK Pelosi is an idiot but I can’t believe she would be stupid enough to post something as dumb as this. I guess I was wrong and as to the idiots that liked this I’m left sputtering.

  • barryjr

    I know what the author means, one friend of mine has opposing views and we used to debate our positions for hours on end when we got together. Then when he moved with his family he and I both used to post politics on facebook hoping for adult exchanges, no such luck.Other friends got involved and the political posts became brawls,I did notice that the more progressive people were the first to hurl insults, so we both agreed that this was a mess and neither of us posts or comments about anything political on facebook stronger than recent posts hoping for global warming.