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‘PlayStation Europe’ Releases Ad Entirely In Arabic

Sony’s “PlayStation Europe” division attracted controversy for releasing an advertisement on Twitter which was entirely in Arabic.

“أصبحت تخفيضات PS Store في يناير متوفرة الآن، فاستفد من عروض رائعة على PlayStation Store,” the ad tweeted from PlayStationEU read.

Intelligence of Norwegians and Danes on the wane, say researchers

IQ in the Scandinavian countries had been on the up for decades, but the trend has now been reversed, according to a report published by journal Intelligence.

Measures taken as part of the study have shown that, in Norway, fewer people are reaching higher levels of mathematical and linguistic ability.

No timeline for New Brunswick gender marker legislation announced in 2016

A year and a half after announcing their intention to amend the rules surrounding the provincial documents of transgender residents, legislation in New Brunswick has still not been passed.

And it’s making those awaiting such a ruling question when the government will make good on the promise.

Missouri lawmaker says proposal to ban foreign law not ‘anti-Muslim’

A measure barring the use of foreign laws in Missouri courts is being filed in the state legislature for the upcoming session. Under the bill, any court ruling based on a foreign law would be unenforceable.

House Republican Bill Kidd of Independence says the proposal is not similar to bans on Shariah Law that some states have enacted.

60% of Ontarians support $15 minimum wage, poll finds

A new poll suggests strong support for a $15 minimum wage in Ontario, especially among women and younger people.

According to the Angus Reid Institute, 60 per cent of those surveyed online either support or strongly support the measure. Thirty per cent were opposed, and 10 per cent offered no opinion.