Conservative Leader Scheer ready to win over right-leaning Liberal voters

OTTAWA—Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wants to court Liberal voters disaffected by the governing party’s perceived shift to the political left.

In a year-end interview with the Star last week, Scheer said one of his challenges in 2019 will be to persuade fiscally conservative Liberal voters to “take a look” at the Conservative party.

“The Liberals have moved so far to the left, they’re basically trying to make the NDP irrelevant. And in doing that, it creates a challenge” for the Conservatives, Scheer said in his Centre Block office.

“But it also creates an opportunity. Because I believe there are going to be more and more people that the Liberals leave behind . . . . My challenge is convincing them to take a look at the Conservative party.”

  • mauser 98
  • ontario john

    Yes but does he have funny socks and attend every homosexual parade in Canada? And what about the choice of hair styles? Canadians know what issues are important.

  • ECM

    Right-Leaning Liberal Voters

    About as common, in Canada, as unicorns and people with common sense.

  • Linda1000

    I’ll vote for Scheer in 2019 because he is the only sensible choice in Canada and I know he has more brains than Justine. Not saying he will be another Trump but at least he is more respectable and with some decent MPs than the idiot Libturds who are ruining the country right now.

    • k2

      I will too, for similar reasons. He looks rather like a teddy bear so I hope there’s some steel under that unimposing exterior.

      • DD_Austin

        Ah The conservatives are just another wing of the liberal party, same polices, same old, same old shit

        Harper did nothing different with a majority, you can expect more of the same liberal polices regardless of “party”

        The only thing to watch is how the PCs will take a dive in any election as long as Justine wants to stay PM

        Government lies and cheats about everything, not everything but elections. All your vote does is tell them how well their con game
        is stilling working

        Politics is like a vending machine, You think you have a choice, but you really only have the choice of the choices given to you. the man stocking the machine is the one making the choices

        and they discontinued “reform” long ago, and paid Harper with
        the PM job for doing that hatchet job

  • ontario john

    The media’s favourite person to talk about the Christian faith, warns us about the evil Christian Scheer. Yes Michael Coren has a story at the Maclean’s website where he warns us about the Christian fanatic Scheer. Scheer is part of the sinister conservative Christian movement that wants to destroy Canada. Coren also blames Catholics and the Dutch.(the Dutch??).

    • mobuyus

      The Dutch?? Well the men put their fingers in Dykes.

    • jayme

      Catholics?! But I thought he has published a book entitled “Why Catholics are Right” … this is all so confusing.

      • ontario john

        I’m waiting to see what religion he joins in the New Year.

        • kkruger71

          Will he live long enough to get to the point where he blames everything negative on Xenu?

    • Cripes he is such a jackass.

    • Surele Surele

      Coren. enough said.

  • Is he going to step up his game?

    I’m not seeing it right now.

  • Art Deco

    Sympathetic as I am to Canada’s tories, I cannot understand what they were thinking putting this man in charge. He has no history of accomplishment and hardly any history of employment outside the realm of party politics and he’s never held an executive position. It’s almost as if the nominating body figured that since the Liberals put a frivolous scion in charge of their organization, the Conservatives should put wet-behind-the-ears party hack in charge to get even.

    • Canadian Born

      It is the same with the asshole, that is our PM now. He was voted in by the people that have never had their eyes checked, or their brain checked. There is no accountability for stupidity. Have never voted Liberal and never will.

    • Felix_Culpa

      He was Speaker, and before that Deputy Speaker, which is not nothing–knowing how those behind-the-scenes levers of power work really helps when you’re trying to pull them. Also, Conservatives in general are much more free-thinking that lefties and so there are many more “wings” to the Conservative party than there are to the Liberals or NDP. And the danger in having a party where so many people think for themselves is that the party flies apart with centrifugal force as they all pull in different directions. So far, policy-wise, Scheer is focusing on the plain-vanilla areas where all those internal factions overlap, which is wise at this early stage of his leadership, IMHO. He’s in consolidation mode, which makes a lot of sense at this point.

      • Art Deco

        I’ve had a look at the resume of his rival for party champion, Maxime Bernier. One of them had a career in the private sector 15 years in duration, one did not. One of them’s been a cabinet minister, and one was not. His stated policy preferences mark him as something of a squish, which is regrettable (but the norm for Conservative leaders).

        • Felix_Culpa

          And one of them left classified documents at a girlfriend’s house and one did not. Sorry, I like quite a lot Maxime Bernier’s policies, but he has serious judgement problems.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    I don’t see Scheer putting up much of a real fight, the guy is a pathetic wimp.