12 dead after fire sweeps through Bronx apartment building

The city’s deadliest blaze in more than a quarter-century killed least 12 people — ­including a year-old child — in a Bronx apartment building Thursday night, officials said.

Authorities feared the death toll could rise from the four-alarm fire, which began at 6:51 p.m. and gutted 2363 Prospect Ave. in the Belmont neighborhood near the Bronx Zoo.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Gas pipe explosion. Either a gas utility problem, a landlord problem or someone monkeyed with the pipes.

    • Lightstream

      It was started by a 3 year old playing with the stove burners. News said the 3 yr old was known to do that. I guess spankings are passe.

      He called his mother when the fire started, she grabbed the kids and left the apt. door open, which caused a chimney effect, making the fire much worse than it would have been had she closed it..