Which victim group will triumph in Toronto Police Services ‘culture of sexism’ scandal?

Veteran female officer alleges police ‘culture of sexism’ in human rights complaint

Sexually explicit text messages and photos. Degrading remarks made in front of other officers. A “poisoned, sexist workplace environment.”

A female sergeant with nearly 20 years on the force is coming forward with claims of sexual harassment and discrimination within the Toronto Police Service, allegations detailed in a recent complaint filed to the Human Rights Tribunal on Ontario.

Sgt. Jessica McInnis, a 43-year-old officer who has earned accolades since joining the Toronto Police Service in 1998, alleges she was subjected to a “steady barrage of unsolicited sexist, sexual, harassing and obscene messages” by Det. Mark Morris, her former police partner and co-leader of their Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) team, at downtown’s 14 Division.

A White Female versus a Black Male? The Human Rights Commission of Ontario is a known nut house which gives a slight edge to the defendant regardless of the weight of alleged evidence.

  • If you are not strong enough to bring it up at the time of occurance, what the hell business does she have being a cop?

    • Alain

      Women do not belong in law enforcement.

      • deplorabledave

        Certainly not on the street.

  • Don’t pick sides. Sit back and watch the train wreck that is political correctness.

    • Uncommunist

      I beg to differ … both sides deserve and are entitled to encouragement.

    • Exile1981

      Its time for the popcorn.

  • Uncommunist

    Boohoo hoo hoo. What puritanical bs :
    “I hope you don’t call the (Special Investigations Unit) on my (sic) when we do the nasty,” Morris texted her on Nov. 27, 2015 according to the claim, a message sent after Morris caught wind that the SIU, Ontario’s police watchdog, was probing sexual assault allegations against a colleague.
    “Remember if I slapped that ass it’s not a sexual assault if I say nice game. That’s what we do in sports,” he added, according to the claim.

    I bet her texts are much much worse and I am not a betting man ( ok well maybe , a little)

    • Alain

      I have witnessed so many bogus sexual harassment claims by incompetent women during my working years that I now put such claims in the same category as I do with claims of racism, homophobia, islamophobia and even sadly anti-Semitism. I recall a manager at Indian Affairs who complimented a woman on her new hair style only to be hauled into the kangaroo court on sexual harassment. I knew the manager very well and know it was the last thing he would do, but his reputation and even personal life was ruined. Also when working for Corrections it got to the point where a male supervisor would not dare call a female correctional officer in to put her on notice about her leave abuse or being delerlic of duty, because she immediately went running to claim it was sexual harassment. I could write a book of such cases, but I have made my point. All this has rendered the meaning of sexual harassment meaningless. Now any real case of sexual harassment suffers the consequence.

      • Uncommunist

        I agree

  • ontario john

    All we need now is for the black cop to say he is also muslim, and the female cop to say she is a lesbian, and we can be entertained for months. And Black Lives Matter should get involved as well, along with Pride Toronto. Diversity is our strength!

    • Uncommunist

      She could come back with, Hey, Je parles francais. To which he could respond, Hey, I identify as a trannie ! ….

    • All kinds of permutations they could both be Furries and or Otherkins!

    • pettifog

      maybe the black guy could self-identify as Metis, give him a bit of an edge.

  • Adam

    I enjoy these interesting SJW match-ups. Wonder what the betting line will be? We don’t know if the white female is gay. That could be decider.

    • Could be trans too that would make it a rout.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Gee, it would be a great game show.
        Hillary could host it.

  • Clausewitz

    Because partners never rank on each other as a mechanism to ease the daily stresses of the job. Has this dumb bunny never watched any of the thousands of Buddy Cop movies?

  • Gary

    I’ve said this before as an aboriginal that the HRC screwed me over for a Disability issue from a work place injury where the Bank gave me my Termination notice upon returning from LTD and claiming i had no skills in my file to place me elsewhere .
    Yet the Bank was hiring young muslims and people fresh from their ESL class
    to meet the Diversity goals.
    I dealt with client accounts and had my Attorney Papers in 3 areas because I had to act in the best interest of the Clients to avoid the Principal and Agent conflict for the Financial Investment wing that Commissioned Staff dealing with Stock markets.
    This is why I think it’s insane for a real Estate business to act for you as the buyer and act for that seller while they also have their own Lawyers in House.
    They tell you it’s a good time to buy home as they are going up each year , but they tell the seller it’s near the top of the market and good to sell before it drops .
    The Banks got in trouble for the RRSP at tax time to offer Loans to buy Mutual Funds or Growth Funds that they handle and made money from. Then there was the Bre-X and Nortel scandals when they promoted them to Clients while making money as the sellers from In House accounts .

    The HRC’;s mete out Rights to the groups they favor or give favour to Corporation they fund their pet causes.
    Why do i say this…..because I found this photo of Barbara Hall at a Bank function that raised money for her pet causes .
    THAT’S how they got her HRC award and how my case was tossed out via payola scheme to buy favour . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/490061408a6a923e2b85a27e0cf8dd64d4130df8ebcb19d1a44f1903585262b4.jpg

    • Gary

      i now see why the HRC files have a NDA and are sealed for life so the Public coesn’t know how badly they are getting screwed to fund paper pushes and racists that had canada and white people that aren’t part of the LGBTQ2 posse .

    • Brutal.