Trudeau government to give 10-year grants to First Nations, with less reporting on how money is spent

First Nations with good financial track records will no longer be required to account to Ottawa for every dollar of federal money they spend on things such as health-care, education and social services under a new program being proposed by the Trudeau government.

The plan to guarantee long-term funding with a minimum of bureaucratic oversight for 100 First Nations communities by April, 2019 is the first concrete step in what Jane Philpott, the Minister of Indigenous Services, says will be a new fiscal relationship with Canada’s Indigenous people.

It is also a significant shift from the policies of former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper who raised the ire of chiefs by passing legislation that required First Nations to submit their audited consolidated financial statements and information about salaries and expenses to the government for posting on the Indigenous Affairs website. The Liberal government repealed that law shortly after taking office in 2015.

  • Millie_Woods

    Unaccountability is one of the reasons why so many reservations are in the deplorable condition they are, along with alcohol and drug abuse, nepotism and the general lackadaisical native lifestyle. Like government itself, most reservations are bottomless money pits. The only people interested in genuinely changing things for the better are taxpayers so it ain’t gonna happen.

    • ontario john

      But what about those funny socks and great hair?

      • What’s the problem with keeping track of money you spend?

        Especially when someone else gave you the money.

        Must be “progressives”.

  • Literally Hitler

    Financial record keeping is such a bummer when you could be getting new socks and accepting free stuff from lobbyists or just getting high and stuff. If its a bummer for the PM I’m sure First Nations don’t want to do it either.

  • ontario john

    Great news for big chief Spence! Now she can get a new Mercedes. That will show Hitler Harper who is in charge now. Billions of dollars can now flow into reserves with no financial accountability. What could possible go wrong?

    • Canadian Born

      Is that the broad that went on a hunger strike, and came out weighing more than before she started, the hunger strike? The Indigenous leaders will do the same as Canada’s government politicians, do to the taxpayers of Canada. They will live high off the hog like our MPs. our MPPs our Premiers and our Prime Minister do with no regard for the taxpayers.

      • Frances

        And with no regard for the ordinary members of their bands, either.

        • Alain

          Yes, they are the real victims.

    • Maggat

      Billions of things can go wrong, and they all have $ signs in front them.

  • mobuyus

    Me want heap big load of government wampum.

  • JoKeR
  • Bla Bla

    Well, the chiefs need to buy new Cadillac Escalades to replace their old ones. Any one who says otherwise is a white supremacist islamophobe!

  • Exile1981

    Yes because having to be open to your band members about how you spend band finances is so evil.

  • Allan

    Of course. Why the hell should taxpayers money be accounted for? It’s one of Trudeau’s special interest virtu-signalling groups, so fucc the taxpayer.

    • ontario john

      That is the colonial thinking that Justin warns us about!

  • Cat-astrophe

    Ahhh, growing the economy from the heart!
    Social Infrastructure made out of the tears of a clown.

  • Alain

    Especially the votes outnumber the voters.

  • This is purely a virtue-signalling move. The aboriginal electorate is not big enough to pander to.

    • Alain

      On a national level you are correct, but in some ridings it is very different. I recall it being exposed during the last election where there were more votes cast for the Liberals than there were living voters, and these were ridings where natives were the majority.

      • Non-existent aboriginals can’t keep voting forever.

        • Alain

          Well, some how the dead do manage it.

  • Bingo.

  • Gary

    He should ask Bob Rae why he did squat in Ontario but now loves the natives and had bashed Harper for their ills.

    As for Justin , my fathers people are natives but they don’t wear feather and dance for white people. They had to live off the farmland and had to speak English to survive but then came the french catholic like Justin that were in Quebec that wanted for his family to speak french and use a French last name.
    Screw the Pierre Trudeau’s of the 20th Century because he also defended the Nazi’s and Hitler in the 1930’s . That’s why he was quick to put the Military on our streets in 1970.

    • (applause)

    • Alain

      Boob Rae like the others is only in it for himself.

  • Malcolm Y

    Ugh, need heap more firewater for good powwows.

  • DMB