Shunned by Pakistan’s Muslims, Ahmadis Find Refuge in a City of Their Own

RABWAH, Pakistan — The guard inched open the metal gate of the giant mosque compound, cast a wary glance at the empty street and with a cagey wave of his hand said, “Come in.”

It was a Tuesday afternoon in Rabwah, the time for the midday prayer performed daily by Muslims, but the sprawling halls of Masjid-e-Aqsa, the largest mosque of the Ahmadi sect in Pakistan, stood empty. Paint peeled off the walls. A giant clock near the dusty pulpit read 8:44, no longer keeping time.

Though Ahmadi beliefs are deeply rooted in Islam, orthodox Muslims consider them heretical.

Most of the MSM in Canada and elsewhere continue to trot out Ahmadi Muslims as authentic spokesmen for their moderate Islam wish dream.

  • Exile1981

    This sect still believes in taking over, they just don’t believe in killing to do it.

    • Gary

      True. The Ahmadi’s North of Toronto created their Peace Village where the Houses were promoted as Sharia Compliant to keep the women in the kitchen. They do not list any homes to the public when they now get put up for sale.
      They had to change the Welcome on the main road coming in because a person that knew Arabic saw a small print Verse from the quran that pretty well says that they want allah to best them for a victory over canada to claim it for islam and the caliphate.
      Tarek Fatah tried to tell a brain-dead Liberal that it’s a normal verse to open almost every Friday Service in over 90% of the mosques in Canada.
      Local County council allowed the Ahmadi’s their illegal Mosque because the are a minority being oppressed and wanted it within a 3 minute walk from the furthest House.
      But these islamists weren’t happy with that….once their children dominated at the Teston road Public school they demanded the Gym be a mosque on Friday so the kids didn’t have to walk to the illegal mosque.
      Not one Ahmadi has crusaded for the Christians right at the school to let kids enjoy Christmas prior to the Holiday break.

      I never thought that canada would get to the point with Diversity where the MOST barbaric and violent group gets what they want from the Leaders.

  • It’s just another sect of crazy.

    The popular press is desperate for someone to validate its beliefs.

  • deplorabledave

    A muslims a muslims a muslim.