Born Again? Denmark Puzzled by Refugees’ ‘Christian Awakening’

Denmark has seen a dramatic surge in refugees converting to Christianity, which is being increasingly used as a motive for asylum and has provoked skeptical reactions from the authorities.

In this year’s unparalleled ‘spiritual awakening,’ Denmark’s Refugee Board, the nation’s supreme body in asylum cases, examined 169 cases, in which conversion from Islam to Christianity was listed as the reason for asylum — more than in the previous three years combined.

A total of 73 people (or 43 percent of the new Christians) received a residence permit, while another three cases were referred to the Immigration service for re-evaluation, Danish Radio reported.

Some of the applicants previously had their applications rejected and resumed their cases on the grounds that they have since undergone baptism. In the Kærshovedgård deportation center alone, which houses rejected asylum seekers who refused the opportunity of voluntary return, 28 foreigners have been baptized in 2017.

  • Editor

    This unusual ‘spiritual awakening’ has a name. It’s taqiyya.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Yeah, but I’ve heard that apostates become more common once the death penalty is gone.
      So, I dunno.

      • tom_billesley

        The Ahmadiyya grew under the Pax Britannica.
        They joined the campaign to get rid of the British Raj, but as soon as Pakistan was created they were attacked as apostates by the Sunni.

    • Tooth&Claw

      It is possible followers of Mo have discovered and read the Bible for themselves , and found the Koran a poor distortion in comparison.

      • Alain

        Yes, it is possible but not that probable in my view. I have learned through personal experience not to trust Muslims. Yes, I am sure somewhere there are exceptions, but personal experience is a hard teacher.

        • Editor

          The tight-knit ghettos in which they choose to live are also not usually receptive to apostates or converts.

  • tom_billesley

    Will there be public ceremonies for mass baptism, with plenty of media coverage?
    Mind you, families back in the old country will be understanding.

    • Watchman

      A Muslim is allowed to do anything in order to advance the cause of Islam and keep a Muslim safe. This inludes drinking, eating bacon, telling people that they think Jesus is the Son of God, as long as deep in their hearts they remain faithful and Muslim.

      This is approved of by their deity, Allah, who is himself, “the best of deceivers”.

  • Frances

    Did these people just present themselves for baptism? Or have they taken instruction before making their baptismal vows. Fairly early on, the various Christian parishes began formal instruction of would-be converts.