Birthday Special: Here’s Why Canada PM Justin Trudeau Is Your Dream Man!

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already hot on popularity charts but his following is growing day-by-day. On his 46th birthday, we decode Trudeau’s hotness and why he is a girl’s dream man.

  • Ed

    Left unmentioned is that his popularity rose dramatically after he beat up the Indian.

    Women talk a lot, but study after study shows they’re attracted to strong wealthy males.

  • ontario john

    Well, considering the popularity of homosexuals in Canada, it makes sense that he is so popular.

  • chayisun

    Family man…Check……Loves kids…Check……Loves islam……Check……Dumb as a rock….Check…..Hasn’t a clue……Check……

    This political hack can’t answer a question during question period without reading from his supplied cheat sheet. AND the answers he gives have absolutely nothing to do with the question asked. I assume that, if not for his name, he’d be lucky to have a job as a Wal Mart greeter, which he would probably screw up.

    Wish he’d go for a walk like his old man did in a snowstorm to ponder his future. Of course his handlers wouldn’t allow that because he’d probably get lost.

  • Linda1000

    BUT it’s his voice. Can’t imagine that “lispthing” girly voice whispering sweet nothings to me. “Ahhh, umm, ahhh, do you like my socks?” with his vacant stare.

    • Tooth&Claw

      I’m surprised he hasn’t mistaken Sophie’s bellybutton for her reproductive orifice. Yes he’s that dumb in my eyes.

      • Exile1981

        I knew a guy who mistook a shoulder for a breast.

        • Bla Bla

          was his name trudeau?

          • Exile1981

            Steve G.

  • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

    How people can overlook that big empty echochamber between his ears is beyond me. What else is perplexing, is, how is it our dollar still hasn’t crashed yet?

    • Exile1981

      The money market is being manipulated.

      • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

        It has to be. Even under Chretien, who is scarily way smarter than Super Socks is, the markets reacted much worse to much less being done to the Canadian economy. I want to know who is propping it up?

        • Bla Bla

          Well, there was that story about soros moving 18billion of his money into ‘non profits’ and ‘charitable’ organizations. And remember, soros is a master of currency manipulation.

          • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

            With the way this country is being run, our dollar should be in the mid 60’s.

        • Exile1981

          Look to see who has been speculating. The globe and smell says our dollar is up mostly on good economic numbers put out by the liberals and on speculation the value will go up by currency traders.

        • WildWelshWoman

          George Soros. He’s the one propping up the Canadian economy. The man has so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with it.

  • Allan

    There doesn’t seem to be anything on the link page. No photos at all, just a blank outline.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      Consider yourself lucky then.

      • Allan

        Hahaha. Maybe so. I’ve certainly had enough of him.

    • Frances

      I couldn’t get the pictures either, just the text. Considered it a plus.

    • Watchman

      Yup, that’s the page detailing Turdeau’s good qualities as achievements.

  • Canadian Born

    Like I have said before, any woman that thinks he is good looking, have not had their eyes checked, and are looking through rose coloured glasses. There is no reason for dumb founded stupidity, but I guess it effects a lot of dumb women, and I am a woman. All though I have had my eyes checked, and they are working great.

  • J. C.

    Women loved Charles Manson, too…

  • Who wouldn’t want some pansy, lispy trust-fund @$$hole who got the job as PM because his dad was? He has success written all over him.