The Year of Media Freakouts

The year 2017 unfolded into a massive surprise to liberals, who fully expected that before Christmas we would (a) all die in a nuclear war over President Donald Trump’s tweets or (b) be swearing in President Mike Pence after Trump was impeached or petulantly quit because the news media were full of meanies.

More than ever, the media see themselves as valiant tellers of truth.

  • Exile1981

    I often wonder ifthe media see themselves as the tellers of truth because they have told the lie so long even they beleive it. Or do they know they are peddling crap and just don’t care because their masters have promised them their 20 peices of silver.

  • Killer Marmot

    When the press dedicate themselves to telling the objective truth no matter what then they can do great good.

    But when they become politicized — when they see their purpose as advancing a political cause or bring down a president — then they become ordinary liars like the rest of us.