The Premature ‘End of History’: the Fall of Soviet Union in 1991 and the Rise of China in 2017

…From the writings of Fukuyama and Krauthammer, joined by many other like-minded foreign policy gurus, we can gain a mental context for U.S. foreign policy in the Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama administrations. Most obviously, the belief that the U.S., and its ideas, could remake the world for the better led to the military interventions in Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other countries.

Today, of course, we can see that these interventions were mostly failures that cost us dearly in blood and treasure. It was easier to “nation build” on a chalkboard in Washington, D.C., than it was actually do it on the ground. The victory of Donald Trump in 2016 thus stands as the voters’ rebuke to the globalist grandiosity of the D.C. grandees who sent the sons and daughters of the Deplorables to fight these wars without end.

Now we know that not everyone around the world was, or is, eager to embrace Western liberal democracy. In fact, just about every other country has its own ideas as to how it should operate, and these ideas have little, if anything, to do with the theorizing of American savants.