Rex Murphy: Time to move on from the Shepherd affair? Hardly

Lindsay Shepherd has been utterly exonerated in the Wilfrid Laurier debacle; her would-be censors are covered in the dust of scorn. Yet there are more than a few interests left to canvas. There are the more daft theories of her melodramatic critics, and then there are the points more central and enduring: the issues of politics and ideology in a whole subset of the modern university’s curriculum.

One of the more arcane elements of the saga is the rage of full-on dolts who speculate that sheset it all up. That she engineered the farce of her own show trial.

  • Killer Marmot

    The Shepherd Truthers are as slothful as they are sloppy, and are not about to patch holes in their thinking just because the wind is passing through.


  • Ed

    Gloomy as it all is, the bright side is that with enough pressure, these spineless academics will bend in any direction with the greatest force. Just keep pushing, withholding endowments, etc…

    • Killer Marmot

      Enrollment in both Canada and the U.S. is falling. This means there is a lot of competition for students, as administrators scramble to prevent shrinking budgets (their greatest fear).

      The one thing none of them need now is a reputation for treating students poorly. This is a reason, I believe, that even a left-wing institution like WLU had to act quickly in response to the Shepherd affair.

  • Surele Surele
  • Gary

    I got a raw deal at the HRC and could figure out why they took sides with the bank I worked at when it caused my injury and then ignored me trying to return to work .

    It all made sense when I found the Photo of Barbara Hall at the banks Charity fund raiser for LBGT causes and had raise a total of over $200,000.00 and got a Human Rights Award AFTER they donated the money to clinics for AIDs issues.

    Surprise surprise …. a payola scheme I’m about to blow the lid off because the Tribunal did care I was aboriginal and stuck between manuLife and the bank where i was good to to work but my employer felt i was an insurance issue.
    I’m out over $200,000.00 and no longer care about Fairness to try to settle this. I was offer trinkets from Peter Stuyvesant worth $24 dollars to sell him Manhattan island .
    Not this time White man …. by Saturday i’ll have a Complaint ready and my HRTO File numbers to see the proof. I turned down mediation when the bank had their chance to solve this for about $100,000.00 . I appreciated the 20 plus years and a good wage…..but job turn over in HR and my Boss retiring got my file lost in the shuffle and dragged out way too long

    My father is a WW2 vet as are his 3 brothers…. i told that slime ball lawyer and beady eyed Judge that in the next war they can send their children off to die for my kids freedom because this native doesn’t wear costumes to dance for the White at a Christmas Party .

    I tried to be nice and settle this as my father used to do for an injustice….but when my butt start to bleed I knew the Bank paid this weasel about $900.00 an hour to do me good , and I didn’t even get a kiss as he did it.
    Now the CEO at the bank going to feel it worse because I’m not going to lube the broom handle . They went on a hiring spree for Muslims for Diversity as they screwed me over and got the Award from Hall that same year.

    Leftists want power and use shame or money to punish people or inflict fear , but I have nothing to lose and i’m like an injured Wolf or Raccoon ready to die fighting.
    The HRTO must have gotten scared at my threat to complain because they now have a Complaint section to review a ruling and any bad treatment .
    Too late , plus i don’t trust the HRC to investigate them self since the TTC
    put me through that and dismissed my compliant because the reviewed what I alleged and every things was fine .