Poll: Canadians want returning Muslim terrorists prosecuted not hugged like Useful Idiot Justin Trudeau suggests

Canadians prioritize prosecution over rehabilitation for jihadi suspects: poll

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians say the government should prosecute and lay criminal charges against individuals suspected of being involved with jihadi groups overseas, instead of focusing on rehabilitating them when they return to Canada, according to a new survey.

A Nanos poll found that 62 per cent of respondents support prosecution of Canadians suspected of jihadi involvement abroad, as opposed to 28 per cent who say the government should prioritize rehabilitation and deradicalization; 10 per cent said they were unsure.

The survey raises questions about the Trudeau government’s multifaceted approach to dealing with returning suspected jihadis, which includes enforcement, surveillance and deprogramming individuals.

  • Blacksmith

    So 62% of Canadians surveyed are islamophobes, time to round them up and send them off to re-education camps then…….

    • Bernie

      Poll is biased. Pretty sure that more than 62% of Canadians are Islamophobes.

      • Blacksmith

        True, 10 percent were afraid to answer. I wonder how many lied to make sure they werent on the naughty list.

        • Exile1981

          I don’t answer telephone polls.

      • I agree, it is likely higher.

      • Oracle9

        Most I talk to are ardent apologists, claim they lean toward the Islamist side, and not ever have I heard anyone in Canada speak in defense of the victims.

        All Canadians can do is whine about Trump, using it as a convenient distraction to ignore how we are losing our own country.

    • Gary

      I think that the Number is higher because the new surveys are flawed. First off they never confirm the Citizenship and just ask people inside Canada , secondly when they do a phone poll for Toronto that vast majority of calls are to wireless phones with no real proof they are Canadian and live in the 416 because some people have a few Numbers for Business roaming feature.

      If the poll was done by the CRA and tied to STATS canada records for people born here….I bet the number is over 80% but the 62% they claim is a ruse to prove that 39% voted for Justin and all of those 62% are islamophobes .

      When the CBC reports how ‘ Some ‘ people feel or many ‘ people are offended. They don’t have actually people they found and get away with how they infer there are mobs of angry people when it might be 4 people in jail or are drug addicts .
      The NDP and Liberals always claim to speak for canadians and yet cater to refugees and Immigrants because Toronto is now over 50% non-Canadian background which tells me their is Voter fraud in Toronto .

  • Surele Surele

    “Mr. Dawson said prosecution is very
    difficult in cases involving Canadians who are suspected of travelling
    overseas to join a jihadi group. “Imagine
    trying to mount a case where all of your evidence is indirect or
    probably doesn’t involve any witness evidence, and if it does, your
    witnesses are all suspect people,”
    Don’t let them back. How is this for a solution?

    • Other countries are taking just that approach, Justin sucks Islamic dick for votes however.

      • mobuyus

        And for fun.

      • chayisun

        Shame on you. You show islamic with a capital “I”……

  • chayisun

    “28 per cent who say the government should prioritize rehabilitation and deradicalization;……And those 28% dimwits are comprised of members of the Liberal Party, their families, the muslim community and a few left wing nutcases.

    Got an idea, why not bring these thugs back and have them live with M.P’s who want them returned. You know, have these overpayed slugs (elected officials who just LOVE islam) be responsible for rehabilitation and take them to Disneyland for a well deserved vacation. The Prime Minister would fly them all there on OUR government jet. Stop off at the private island owned by the Aga Khan. Then jet them back to Canada and make sure they attend that deradicalization class paid for by taxpayers.

    This will work just fine…….

    • How does one rehabilitate child rapists and murderers?

      • Alain

        They don’t, because they cannot do the impossible. Same goes for the Muslims in question.

        • This is why summary execution should be on the table.

          • Maggat

            I had such a nice dream last night, the whole liberal cabinet riding to the gallows in a tumbrel.

          • Good times …

      • chayisun

        Easy. Have them live with that idiot P.M. He will convert them to loveable, voting liberals in no time. Either that or he will be beheaded…

  • If by prosecuted one means shot and thrown into a shark tanks, then, yes, prosecute away.

  • Gary

    Look at the upside. The gays will be the first ones killed off and then the Feminists followed by the Judges and Lawyers.

    Liberals are the neo quislings while Justin made canada a neo Switzerland for muslims to hide the millions here that he gave to alleged and convicted terrorists.
    Hitler had a muslim SS Division bent of aiding the killings of the jews .


  • caliroxanne

    Why did you Canadians vote for Canadian Obama?

    • Canadian Born

      Please don’t lump all Canadians together. I am a born Canadian and have never voted Liberal, and I am almost 70. The Canadians that voted Liberal, are as dumb as the Americans that voted Obama in. The youngsters that voted this asshole in, have no idea the damage they have done to Canada. Senior Trudeau started this mess and his friggin son will finish it. I worry for my little grandsons and their future. Trump is on the right track to stop immigration and refugees. It is proven that Junior doesn’t have a brain, to protect Canadians who made this country great, and that is truly a shame for Canada.

      • chayisun

        Great reply!!!!

    • Clausewitz

      Justin received 34% of the 62% of who voted. Do the math. Just like the US, for some reason we still allow Millennials to vote. Sorry about that.

      • caliroxanne

        I know. Back when we had Obama, I yearned for someone like Harper. Unfortunately the Canadian media had lots of fun mocking him and portraying him as an incredibly uncool square as opposed to the young, hip, pot-smoking Justin. I haven’t been to Canada since Justin and Trump, so I can only imagine that tragically unfunny shows like This Hr 22 Mins is nothing but trump bashing. Had Trump not won, the show would have nothing.

        Millennials are pathetic and to think that there are some who float the idea of allowing 16-yr-olds to vote!

  • David_Martin

    This was the topic on the Talk 640 afternoon drive show – one Mo (from P@kisauga of course) had the nerve to call in and state that going to fight for ISIS is no different than fighting in the IDF and the Canadian Govt doesn’t prosecute those who fight on behalf of Israel.

  • DMB

    Justin as usual following in the footsteps of his father Pierre.