Netherlands: Muslim politician upset she wasn’t allowed to participate in town’s Living Nativity scene

Because you’re a Muslim bitch.

Let us know when a Christian is allowed to stroll into Mecca during Haj.

  • ontario john

    Maybe it was the suicide vest that put people off.

    • Or the severed head in her purse.

      • Clink9

        Can we not just overlook that once in the spirit of Christmas?

        • But there’s blood dripping everywhere again!

          • Clink9

            There’s only two things I can’t stand in this world.

            People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and THE DUTCH!


          • canminuteman

            Wooden shoes wooden head wooden listen!

          • Uncommunist

            All that glitters is not gold … member ?

          • JoKeR

            And I can’t stand people who can stand the French! 🙂

  • andycanuck

    Someone already had the donkey role?

    • Ouch;)

      • andycanuck

        That’s what the donkey said to the Moslem!

        • Clausewitz

          I think you got it wrong, the donkey said “Is it in yet?”.

    • Dana Garcia

      Or the muzlette could be a goat among the sheep as a bicultural two-fer.

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim pests can’t leave anything alone that’s good and decent.

  • simus1

    The wise men need camels. She could be the rear end of one of them.

  • dukestreet

    A kaffir isn’t allowed to be included in anything Islamic unless it’s preach and threaten us. Just as the prisoner in Ottawa did. Why should s

    • In truth her request was a violation of Islam’s injunction against adopting the ways of the infidels. With luck she will be declared apostate and put to death.

      • Justin St.Denis

        A stoning in the Village Green, perhaps? How very Dutch!

      • moraywatson

        Of course the principles of kitman, taqqiya and murana override all the other ‘injunctions’, because above all else islam is deceit.

  • Solo712

    Let us know when a Christian is allowed to Mecca…at any time!

  • Iranian actress, Shohreh Agadashloo, played Saint Elizabeth in “The Nativity Story”.

    But she is an actress and not at all insane.

  • JoKeR

    They rejected her and her homemade meal for them all.

    She said it was Islamophobia when they ran away from her food in the pressure cooker just because they saw a couple of wires coming out of it. 🙂