MORE chain migration Islamic terrorism; more media blackout

While Americans were celebrating this long Christmas weekend, another chain migrant from an Islamic country was arrested for plotting a terror attack against the very country that admitted him. It’s part of a growing wave, almost daily, of Islamic immigrants arrested on terrorism-related charges, yet there is a complete blackout in the media about the existence of this troubling pattern and about the growing problem with imported terrorism.

  • OT – this:

    “Russian news reports say at least four people have been injured by an explosion at a supermarket in St. Petersburg.”

  • Ed

    As Mark Steyn says, the left is in a flat out competition to see who can be islam’s biggest prison bitch.

    • mobuyus

      It is the way of the gay to have ass on display for those invited or not.

  • Dana Garcia

    Journalists don’t care about immigration because they believe in diversity absolutely, even though the newsrooms don’t reflect that ideology.

  • Bless his heart

    Islam is Islam

    They’re basic belief is to free the world with the gift of what they name as absloute love, which is Islam.

    And to kill you to give you absolute love is according to Sharia. They kill you to gift you with seeing Allah.

    Return or give the gift, first.