Military chiefs order troops to use gender-neutral language at training base to avoid upsetting women and trans groups

Military chiefs have ordered troops to use gender-neutral words in a bid to avoid upsetting women and minority groups.

Phrases such as ‘mankind’ and ‘sportsmanship’ have been banned amid fears they discourage trans, gay and lesbian people from joining the forces.

The new guidelines have been found pinned to the walls of toilets at the Defence Academy at Shrivenham which trains the Army, Navy and RAF.

  • canminuteman

    I am a graduate of that institution. They seemed sane enough when I was there.

  • Surele Surele

    “The new guidelines have been found pinned to the walls of toilet” – exactly where they belong.

    • Raymond Cameron

      They should have been printed on the paper roll.

      • mobuyus

        They need not be printed on the paper roll. A good wiping makes them appear magically.

    • IN the toilet.

  • deplorabledave

    These virtue signallers just can’t help themselves.

  • DaninVan

    Trying to picture the SAS applying this crap…

  • Gary

    Right…but women and trans people are okay with Gunmen or Manslaughter because they are linked to barbarism and infer males.
    I think the problem is the 0.01% that are trans people where 1% of those are of age to Enlist and then 1% are fit enough and 1% of those actually do Enlist .

    It’s amazing how each Advocacy group rewrites history because one Democrat from California was interviewed and claimed that there are over 6000 trans people in the Military that have kept it hidden.
    Really… now it’s no longer a secret since they all wrote to him and must keep all the mail to a Politician for the Records . It got worse when this person said that trans people died on D-Day and the Civil war.

    Obama has a real issue to deal with because he became a Transophile at the same time Hillary did in 2012 after they got the gay Diplomat Chris Stevens killed in Benghazi . The Democrats now assert that if a man Self-identifies as women we must accept it as the Law and not Judge them.
    Fine…..but the Fort Hood Jihadist that murdered 13 fellow soldiers Self-identified as a Muslim but Obama and Democrats deny he’s a Muslims because you can’t just say you are a muslim and be one .
    Bill-16 in Canada means that the 2 muslims in 2014 that killed 2 Canadians during the Jihad for ISIS ARE muslims… we have Justin defending the returning ISIS members by calling those opposed to it a bunch of islamophobes which infer they are muslims too.

    The logic for the progressives is tough to follow as well as muslims that have the Jews and Jesus in their quran where Muhammad appears to exalt them and yet muslims are slaughtering Christians and Jews because the same quran orders follower to kill the unbelievers where you find them .

    I still don’t know what Harper was thinking when he let in over 400,000 muslims to now cause Toronto to install Bollards around City Hall , plus a Metal Detector at the entrance while Ottawa has cases of Hijab wearing women stabbing people on the streets where the Police said they didn’t find a Motive for it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And this will make the British military a more effective fighting force. Give me a break!

  • Ed

    If England was in an existential battle for survival, none of this shit would matter. It’s a measure of an unserious culture that this stuff is going on within it’s warrior class.

  • Because military strategy is the least of their worries.

  • Flyboy

    Cowardly twits

  • BillyHW

    Women and faggots don’t belong in the military or voting booths.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • Manual Paleologos

    Gender neutral language, “OK, you maggots, listen up!”

  • Uncommunist

    More marxist nails in the coffins of Freedom of Speech and Meritocracy.

  • deplorabledave

    I’m very happy this evening. A cursory glance at this this morning left me with the mistaken impression that it was about the USA. Harry and the halfrican on the other hand must be so proud.