How ISIS Changed the Yezidi Religion

Those who went into exile have creatively adapted their rituals. Those who stayed have been just as innovative.

BEHZANE, IRAQ—On a recent Friday afternoon, Yezidi musicians led a procession of worshipers toward a newly rebuilt temple on a hillside in northern Iraq. Women burned incense and the congregation threw handfuls of sweets at the flute and drum players. Hundreds of local Yezidis from the town of Behzane, near Mosul, had gathered to reopen one of the temples blown up by ISIS.

  • Gary

    I still remember the video from the House during QP when Justin’s muslim MP’s clapped and cheered when he said he would not give the Yazidi girls being raped by their muslim brothers in ISIS the status of a a Refugee to be rescued .

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    The MP for my area has a mosque just south of their Office and it’s a jew-hating pro-hamas mosque that was tied to an RCMP raid where money was being Wired back home for terrorism .
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