Cities sue Defense Dept. over gun-check system failures

NEW YORK (AP) — Three large U.S. cities filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Department of Defense, arguing that many service members who are disqualified from gun ownership weren’t reported to the national background check system.

New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia said in court papers that the military’s broken system for relaying such information helped spur the massacre of 26 people inside a Texas church last month.

“This failure on behalf of the Department of Defense has led to the loss of innocent lives by putting guns in the hands of criminals and those who wish to cause immeasurable harm,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “New York City is joining Philadelphia and San Francisco to stand up to the Department of Defense and demand they comply with the law and repair their drastically flawed system.”

  • JusticeVegas

    Yet the same cities have sky-high, 3rd world murder rates and allow MS-13 & Islamic terrorists to roam free within their confines while elites shout their preening, virtue signaling declarations as “sanctuary” cities.

  • JusticeVegas

    “Bill de Blasio” is the nom de plume of the a$$clown formerly known as Warren Wilhelm Jr. who had originally gained 15 minutes of fame for marrying an African American lesbian. He’s a mentally unstable nut job like Fauxcahontas Sen. Elizabeth Warren. NYC gets what they deserve for electing him again. I wonder if the Dutch would take back NYC for free?