10 injured, dozens evacuated after explosion in St. Petersburg store

Nine people have been taken to hospital following an explosion in a storage locker at a busy St. Petersburg supermarket. Over 50 people have been evacuated from the building.
“There was a bang. Emergency personnel are already on the scene. The evacuation has been completed, and there was no fire,” a local Emergencies Ministry official told TASS news agency.

The victims were taken to the accident ward with injuries “of variable severity.” One man refused hospitalization.

Officials are treating the investigation as a potential mass homicide attempt and say that the explosion was equivalent to 200g of TNT.

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  • WildWelshWoman

    The first thought that came into my head when I woke up this morning was that there was going to be a terror attack in Russia today.
    Putin is gonna be royally pissed!

    • Gary

      My prediction of 2018
      Hollywood celeb accused of sexual assault and blames it on drug addiction.
      Hollywood couple break up as wife blames domestic violence.
      Terrorism attacks across Europe and more in the USA
      Democrats call Trump a racist .
      Trudeau condemns islamophobia after 7 people killed as car rams a crowd in Ottawa .
      Returning ISIS fighters unite with Omar Khadr to get IED’s and bomb the TTC subway system to kill hundreds of Immigrants and refugees going to their jobs .

      • WildWelshWoman

        What about Lotto 649 numbers?

    • felis gracilis

      “Putin is gonna be royally pissed.”
      You got that right. It is possible, even as we speak, that suspects are “progressing toward a confession”.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with Islam. Probably some mentally ill drug addict. Please remember, diversity is our strength.

  • What is it with Saint Petersburg? That seems to be a frequent target.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      It has been since the mid 1990’s.
      Islamic terrorists (back then it was Chechens) and organized criminal activity made that place way more “sporting” than you would think.
      Too bad. It’s a fascinating city.
      If you are ever forced to live in Russia, live there.

      • It’s very cosmopolitan. One would think Moscow would be the go-to target.

        • Drunk by Noon ✓

          Moscow is the nation’s ATM machine and little else culturally these days. It’s been hollowed-out of deep cultural meaning over the last twenty-five years.
          It’s very possible that I’m entirely biased too; Saint Pete will you do that too you, or as I like to say: “Oslo on Acid”.
          Get a Russian friend that speaks Russian well and go see the place.
          It’s an eye-opener!

          You will lament that there is no such word in the English language that combines the feelings of being in awed while simultaneously being repulsed while Russian has perhaps dozens of such words, if only to differentiate shades of nuance or extremity of emotion.
          Okay, maybe I’m overstating that, but you get the idea.
          You will appreciate Canada a lot more and be grateful that it does not share a border with Russia.

          • I took Russian for a couple of years in university. It has many words for many things that don’t quite have the same meaning in English.

            Moscow is the political heart of Russia. Could Saint Petersburg (as well as its cultural meaning) just be easier to target because it is a tourist destination?

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            “Could Saint Petersburg (as well as its cultural meaning) [be] just be easier to target because it is a tourist destination?”

            Not really. No easier and no harder is what I mean.
            It’s not the old Soviet Union and what I mean is that you have absolute freedom of movement inside that country.
            Is it easier to blow up Winnipeg or Edmonton?
            It doesn’t really matter, as cities in Russia go, either of them are as easy to get to as the other one would be.

            If things in Saint Pete are blowing up it’s because the bomber want to blow up something in Saint Petersburg.
            It could easily be terrorism, and it could just as easy be organized crime, or just crazy Russian stuff.

          • I say terrorism.

            Time, it will tell.

  • Gary

    Watch for Justin to cry and and demand that islamophobia must stop while he orders the Police to guard Mosques.
    Once you see how Justin is on the side of ISIS and hates Canada…it will all make sense for what he does and says.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I remember that supermarket chain, if not that very one in Saint Pete!
    I have friends visiting there right now. I think this is a good excuse to call them.

  • canminuteman

    200 grams of TNT is not a lot. That’s about the same as a hand grenade.