“We from Chocolicious Indonesia are not yet able to write ‘Merry Christmas’ or other similar expressions”

Indonesian bakery refuses orders wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ on cakes

JAKARTA — The annual debate over whether Muslims can say “Merry Christmas” to their Christian fellows took a new turn on Sunday after a Makassar-based bakery refused a customer’s request to write “Selamat hari Natal keluargaku” (Merry Christmas, my family) on top of a cake she had ordered.

Indonesian netizens, whether Muslim or Christian, are sharply divided over the company’s policy. If a Muslim believes that their faith prohibits them from saying “Merry Christmas” on the grounds it is akin to confirming the beliefs of Christians (an argument that has been widely refuted by top ulema), would they be considered intolerant if they denied a request of writing it on a cake?