UK: Going about Our “Normal” Lives?

Armed Police on patrol at Christmas Market in Britain.

Whenever Britain suffers a terrorist attack — and it has suffered four Islamist attacks this year alone — the British public responds the same way.

Twelve years ago, when four suicide bombers detonated homemade bombs on the London underground and on a red-top bus in central London, there was much talk of “Blitz spirit”. After 7/7, the media erupted with boasts of wartime echoes. Some people who lived in London noticed a rather different atmosphere. Of course people “got on with their lives” (what else could they do?) but in the days and weeks after the attacks it was not really “business as usual”. Especially not after another four suicide bombers went onto the tube a fortnight later, on July 21, and attempted to repeat the exercise. Fortunately, on that occasion the bombs failed to detonate. But during the period that ensued, it was certainly easier than usual to get a seat on the London Underground.

Of course, political leaders relish the opportunity to accentuate and exaggerate these echoes.

  • Starlord

    Read somewhere that Muslim pop at 2,3 or 5 % you get diversity bollards, metal detectors, armed machine gun police, increased big brother, and countless millions spent on security. Not to mention the accusations of racism, demands for fcuking ludicrous cult like practices ( prayer. Eating, shitting, washing, clothing etc)

    Imagine at 10 percent or more.

    It’s not worth it

    And they need to hold some responsibility

    • Gary

      Canad’s at 3% and now Toronto City Hall just placed Bollards around the Square because of the muslims that use vehicles to run people down .
      The CUPE members that loved the illegals and muslim refugees because it meant more jobs in Social Services are now demanding the Metal Detectors at the Entrance and bullet proof glass .
      First time since Toronto was officially created in 1834 that we needed these protection….hmmmmm I wonder which group John Tory fears that he had bollards installed.

      Kinda pointless though because now muslims will just strap on bombs and slaughter us by walking into the crowd to find the most number of children and hit the switch .
      When a god rewards the follower for murdering those that aren’t his followers…. there’s nothing people can do to stop them other than BAN the death cult from coming in . Next month will be the big News item of the Mosque shooting this year and even if it hasn’t go to Trial yet….the Imams and islamic Org have the shooter guilty and are calling it terrorism .
      I hope the alleged killers gets his lawyer to argue that he can’t get a fair trial because even Justin call him a terrorists and denounced the killing.
      Since Justin declared him a terrorist and guilty….how can a Judge not be bias to favour the PM . Throw the case out and teach muslims a lesson that this isn’t some islamic hell-hole where muslims demand revenge when they don’t even care who is guilty.
      These savaged murdered over 150 civilians for the Muhammad cartoon and dozens after the fake story about a quran in the toilet .

      • A Hamilton Guy

        If he can get elected; John Tory will kiss anybody’s ass.He’s a vote whore.

        • Gary

          Tory was at the 2016 Vigil for the Orlando victim of an islamic Jihad slaughter to gays . He and Wynne shared the stage with a hard-core jew-hating Imam that claims to be gay for his refugee claim to get in Canada.
          Wynne spoke at this even and mentioned islamophobia 7 times as if muslims were slaughtered in a mosque.

          If canadians keep being called racists and islamophobes by Politicians that want to further their image and stay in power……their will be a rebellion just like how Blacks were kept as slaves because they were attacked stupid and violent to be controlled.
          No matter how many Jihad attacks we see in canada or Imams calling for slaughter us and the jews….Justin and Wynne refuse to admit to the reality while we get killed and see our public schools get mosque in them.
          As someone of Native background i have a special interest in this issue because I saw what islam did to the natives of every nation it invaded or its follower migrated to .
          Lebanon is an example white Sweden is a real-time case to see how islam takes over and one day the native are living under sharia in an islamic state.

  • andycanuck
  • tom_billesley

    After the 7/7 bombings and 21/7 failed bombings, many London commuters swapped their backpacks for a version with a clear plastic body to be less of a worry to fellow travellers.

    • Gary

      I thought that someone would market clear luggage for short trips where you just have basic items .

  • BarryOddessy

    In the early 1980’s NSW Police went from a cross draw holster with a leather flap covering the revolver to a directional draw holster that exposed much more of the firearm. This month we saw the limited introduction of the M4 Rifle to the Police patrol firearms. In the 1980’s there was widespread condemnation over the move to the directional draw holsters- Police were becoming paramilitary aparently and this threatened society as we knew it. Now we have Police carrying combat weapons in shopping centres and malls in most of the western cities where 10 years ago such a thing could not be imagined. Now it is here and the Governments and the UN tell us that there is nothing to worry about. If there is nothing to worry about why is the REP patrolling within France and the SAS patrolling London and Britian. Our countries are not supposed to be war zones and apparently are not according to Governments and UN but what we are seeing tells us they are.

  • JoKeR
  • I just watched “The Darkest Hour”.

    Fantastic film.

    Gary Oldman was brilliant.

    Churchill was the right man at the right time. His refusal to waiver saved Britain and the world from a longer war and tyranny.

    I imagine that had the mindset that exists today existed then, the world would be terribly different.

    Well, just terrible, really.