The Senate Finally Revealed Its Harassment Settlements — On Christmas

As the Christmas holiday weekend set it, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee released a report revealing the Senate has spent $1.5 million on workplace harassment settlements since 1998.

The data, provided by the Office of Compliance, a little known administrative body that has quietly settled dozens of complaints against congressional offices, provides little by way of details, beyond an itemized list of violations and the corresponding settlement.

  • BillyHW

    Women voted for each and every one.

  • Gary

    I thought the Number was $15 ,000,000.00 . $1.5 over 19 years seems pretty low
    since the Senate has a vast quarry of over paid male Pigs.

    Any updates on the sexual predator in the Liberal Party under Justin’s rule??

  • simus1

    Reminds of the joke when the staffer got the appraisal back re her “secret boyfriend’s latest fab gift”:
    “Zircon ? I’ve been raped !”