How an Orthodox journalist went from far-left activist to Breitbart editor

Joel Pollak, senior editor-at-large of the ‘alt-right platform,’ speaks about volunteering with ANTIFA’s predecessors, getting woke in South Africa, and his shift rightward

The course that landed Orthodox Jewish journalist Joel Pollak behind the senior editor’s desk at staunchly conservative Breitbart News was far from simple.

“When you are brought up to believe that Republicans and conservatives are motivated by racism and motivated by greed, to say you are one of those people was not easy,” says Pollak.

  • Gary

    I can’t seem to find the video i need but there was a Journalist that is a left wing Liberal type that wanted to go to Tennessee and report on the islamophobia over the plan for a mega mosque.
    He was on their side but once he got there he saw how hostile the muslims were and he even got death threats where the Cops left him out to dry. He got a first hand look at Diversity and saw how CAIR spews lies to fool the media .
    CAIR-Canada reports fake hate-crimes as if they are factual with Convictions because they know how many morons live here and assume that muslims aren’t allowed to lie. The Imams have vandalized their own mosques to play the victim but there is NEVER solid evidence or video of the attacks.
    CAIR always excuses away Jihad terrorism as un islamic or by someone that hijacked their faith . So they play both sides to fake hate-crimes and deny a muslim terrorist is a muslim terrorist .

    The CUPE members at City Hall in Toronto used to love the illegals and muslims refugees……but now Tory had to put Bollards around the square to deter muslims terrorists with vehicles on top of a Metal Detectors at the Entrance to City hall and Bullet proof glass.
    Glad they finally got a taste of islams Peace and that Mayor Tory gave up his charade after a few hundred civilians have been slaughter around the World by those peaceful muslim migrants and refugees.
    The white Liberals are in their safe neighbourhoods for now while the children got to private schools and don’t a Hijab day or visit a mosque day .
    It just a matter of time until the muslim population hits 8-10% where the real weekly terrorism starts and they go after the leader first and THEN they will want strict Immigration and no more muslims refugees.

  • Felix_Culpa

    QUOTE: “When you are brought up to believe that Republicans and conservatives are motivated by racism and greed, to say you are one of them isn’t easy.”

    Indeed. Same phenomenon exists here in Canada. Left-wingers are exceptionally good at poisoning the well for anything remotely conservative. Any perspective that is even the lightest shade of blue is portrayed as “white supremacist” and the left insists that the holder of said view disavow his “ties to white supremacy” thereby cementing the thought perpetually in the public’s mind that he actually was somehow tied to it. It’s the political equivalent of “have you stopped beating your wife.”

    QUOTE: “If you really believe, and many of them do, that a Nazi political party has taken over the country, led by a Nazi would-be-dictator, and that his supporters are also Nazis, ***it’s morally permissible to do anything to those people to prevent them from succeeding.***”

    ***Emphasis*** mine. Leaders of the left/antifa have convinced their followers that they can “save the world” by rioting, beating people up, burning cars, etc. because “all conservatives are white-supremacist neo-nazis.”