F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton accused of humiliating his “princess dress” wearing young nephew

Lewis Hamilton has been accused of humiliating his young nephew online after he disapproved of his choice of Christmas attire, telling him: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses.”

The Formula One world champion posted a video on Instagram in which he makes fun of the child, who is wearing a purple and pink outfit and carrying a pink wand with a heart on it.

“I’m so sad right now. Look at my nephew,” says Hamilton to his Instagram followers, as the camera focuses on the boy.

“Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is this what you got for Christmas?” he asks, as the boy nods delightedly.

“Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?” he goes on.

“Because it’s pretty,” the boy replies enthusiastically, waving the pink wand.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Just begging for a reaction wasn’t he? Why would you put private family stuff online anyway?

    • John Boy

      To give all his classmate a reason to call him a girly boy and bitch slap him silly.

  • canminuteman

    It’s not the kids fault, it’s his parents who need a good bitch slap.

  • Clink9

    Lewis is an awesome driver. He’s right, boys don’t wear dresses.

    • Editor

      Yes. His only mistake was apologizing.

      • Clink9


  • Gary

    On Friday I heard the NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo on the John Oakley show and she attacked Jordan Petersen as a trans-phobe bigot that getting rich by his videos to spew hate and oppose Bill-16.
    But the NDP has smashed people on the head for about 20 years to tell us the gays re Born that way , about 6 years ago Cheri was telling us that Trans-genders are Born that way …..now Cheri supports Bull-16 where anyone can choose their pro-Noun and that sex and gender are NOT biological anymore by fluid to choose
    which of the 27 genders and when you want to be which ever you choose at different times in your life.
    Cheri DiNovo caters to the fringe groups while I have also heard her claim that single moms have the highest poverty rates, then Homosexuals had the highest poverty rate , then it was refugee women with children , now it’s trans-fender persons with the highest poverty rates.
    The NDP has a Template letter in a WORD file where they just change the date and Title of the oppressed group and may insert the newest Prefix for ‘ Phobic ‘
    or Phobia that is used to silence opposition.

    At least Petersen gets his money from After Taxed income by people making a choice to visit his YouTube channel ….unlike Cheri and Olivia Chow that have been parasites at the Public Trough that never cared about the poor or children until it was Election time.
    Chow and Layton conspired to scam the system pre-election to hide his serious Cancer illness in hope to get re-elected as the NDP leader as to die in Office so Olivia would get the Survivor Benefits as the Spouse .
    This leach stayed as the MP to do her 6 years for the MP pension-4-life on top of Jack’s .
    The CBC didn’t have the guts or brains to expose what I saw once jack died quickly and we still don’t know the real reason. It was Sue Anne Levy at the SUN media that predicted that Chow would run for the Mayor’s job once she had her 6 years as an MP to get the Pension and would use her MP budget to send out hints at the mayors race .
    Chow is predictable just like most NDPer’s that only speak up once they can see an oppression to get them elected.
    Chow and Layton were eco-warriors that claimed that we all need to ride bikes and lower the Carbon Footprint. But Jack’s funeral had his casket tour Canada by a Jet and V8 Funeral car and had thousands of people travel in their cars to the Wakes which created a massive Carbon Footprint .
    Typical NDP because Chow said she cared about children …yet here she is with Jack in the PRIDE parade where near naked males get to march and expose them self around children as the PRIDE-Police do squat as if child-abuse is normal in the gay Village.

    By the time I was 20 I caught on the fraud by the Leftists and now it’s the Progressives inside the Liberals



    • A Hamilton Guy

      Cheri and Olivia, just sucking on any teat they can.

    • Clausewitz

      Cheri is a former UCC Minister. She was one of the leaders of the “Jesus is not the son of God” group that helped kill the UCC.

      • Gary

        I didn’t know Cheri was linked to Gretta Osper to deny Jesus as the messiah or a prophet .
        Gretta support hamas , no borders, abortion , gay marriage and is pretty well a god hater.
        But she was on the Oakley show one day as part of ‘ Culture wars ‘ where i sent in a Comment to ask Gretta about Muhammad and the quran as a false religion and how he was never a prophet…..gutless Gretta only said that she treat all faith equally .
        This is the usual cowards way out when Leftists are face with islam after decades as a god-hater because Christians won’t behead them .