Sally Ann bellringer beaten for wishing man Merry Christmas

Why not? From Katherine Rodriguez at Breitbart:

A Salvation Army bell ringer in California had been beaten in front of a Walmart because he wanted to spread joy this holiday season.

Rev. Jamie Wolfe Sr., the man ringing the bell, told CBS Sacramento that he says “Merry Christmas” to everyone who passes by his donation bucket, but one Grinch managed to knock the joy out of him.

“He haymakered me, hit me, got me down on the ground and we started wrestling, at that point I’m fighting for my life,” Wolfe Sr. said.

The suspect allegedly carried out the unprovoked attack not for the money, but for his cheer.More.

Reality check: No social justice warrior can stand anyone else being happy. His own piles of festering hatreds prevent him from being happy. He especially hates religious people because they appear to have sources of happiness he doesn’t have access to.

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