Queen’s Christmas Address Reflects on Horrors of Radical Islamic Terrorism in 2017

Her Majesty The Queen has delivered her regular Christmas address to the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth allies, reflecting on the radical Islamic terrorism that tore through London and Manchester this year.

  • P_F

    If you are seriously concerned about islamic terrorism ripping through your country then first rein in your stupid son charlie who for his greed & stupidity has sided with saudis & qataris and every other mohammedan organisation destroying your once great kingdom.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She might be the last royal. After her I bet they abolish the throne with the thinking it’s un Islamic.

  • Old Guy

    When you compare the Christmas message of Queen Elizabeth to that of Justin Trudeau you see the wisdom of age and experience in the one message and the folly of youth and inexperience in the other.