No longer a ‘lonely battle’: How the campaign against the Mueller probe has taken hold

For months, efforts to discredit special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign flickered at the fringes of political debate.

Now, the allegation that FBI and Justice Department officials are part of a broad conspiracy against President Trump is suddenly center stage, amplified by conservative activists, GOP lawmakers, right-leaning media and the president himself. The clamor has become a sustained backdrop to the special counsel investigation, with congressional committees grilling a parade of law enforcement officials in recent days.

“Until recently, it has been a lonely battle,” said Tom Fitton, whose conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has helped drive the charges by unearthing internal Justice Department documents. “Our concerns about Mueller are beginning to take hold.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Keep heaping the revelations on to Mueller, keep heaping the attacks but don’t fire him. Keep dragging more people into it. Let it unravel on its own until it reaches back to Obama and to congressional democrats. At that point, dial up the attacks to 11 and beat them all bloody. Drag in their media flacks and crush them. Then rain down indictments for treason and terrorism like a Biblical plague. Destroy them all.

  • ECM

    Mueller’s own incompetence has given the doubters all the ammunition they needed, or did this clown actually believe that staffing the entire project with hardcore Dem supporters was going to end well for him and his sham investigation?